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    Hi Guys.....I may be getting close to a truck now.... a 1953 2R17A-55 R17A35878.....this should have a Big 6, four Speed, and a two speed rear....I think that is what the choke looking thingie is on the shifter.....Where is the OD if it has it? AND...if it doesn't have it, how easily can I add it......
    I am planning on going to see it soon, what should I look for? I've been all MOPAR until now....No bed on it, think it has split rims.....

    If you want to look at it....

    I welcome all advise and comments.

    My intention is two fold....COOL old parade truck....floats and the fourth....(next year) the other, is I sure could use a real heavy truck since my other hobby is real railroad equipment. I am currently restoring a Caboose when it's done, I will be clearing a wooded lot so I can have a nice weekend retreat...


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      The handle on the shift lever is the 2 speed rear. Trans is a 4 speed and there is no overdrive. A 2R17 is the biggest/heaviest chassis that you could get in '53. And the biggest thing to look at is rust. Those cabs are prone to it. Cab corners and the rocker channels below the doors are always bad to rust out.

      I had a nice '51 2R16 dump and it had the same setup. 45 mph was its top speed and it took a looong time to get there. And yes the wheels are the 2 piece type.

      I've got a friend with a '56 Transtar 2 ton (V8 engine) stake body and a '46 1.5 ton stake body. Both are extremely nice, but in central Florida and I think priced in the $7-$8000 range or so.
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        Originally posted by 289stude View Post
        Check out Studebaker truck talk forumn.
        Thanks, I just did....good info there too!


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          Perhaps you could obtain the truck and upgrade to a more recent driveline? Originality is nice, but as a business vehicle perhaps a Diesel engine would be better? Easy (I imagine) to keep the look, but have something more suited to 2012 traffic. Good luck regardless of your decision.
          John Clements
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            I have a pretty decent 1950 1 tn flat bed here in Houston for $1600.
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              I'm sure a texas truck would be nice, only problem, transportation is going to double my start up cost.....even if I could drive it home......well, that would be fun


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                I've been thinking of a diesel upgrade, or just looking for an original Stude Diesel....Anyone out there try that? Just to keep it simple, I wouldn't put a chevy engine in it even if it were free. Nor any other make really....even though I have a nice mopar 440 sitting.....either pure Stude or a Diesel....that might be the ticket


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                  There's a diesel for sale in southern Missouri craigslist.
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                    Still a bunch here in Virginia. I have 2 or 3 here and others an hour or so away!

                    Mine are later models(58-60), but my friend outside of richmond has what you are looking for. I have a 1960 e 40 with a dump bed. was a work truck, still a work truck running and driving around the property. email if any interest

                    Take Care

                    george o


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                      I did, and that is the one I was looking at, the ad expired.....I have the guys' phone number....need to see if he still has it