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    Episode 8 " you Might be a Redneck If"

    O.k. Here it goes my grandpa and uncle Quinn went Coon hunting. They Loaded the old redbone in the trunk of the Hawk, Yes the trunk. Well they got to the spot where they were getting ready to let the dog run. Grandpa was to follow the dog uncle Quinn was to meet him on the next county road a mile over. Uncle Quinn was 16 and thought all right driving the Hawk Alone. This was his first trip in the Hawk alone. He left grandpa and eased up the road until he came to a crossroad where he had to turn right. He like any other 16 year old kid with no brain and fewer skills decided to let it eat around the corner. So he took off and dumped it hard. He said it started spinning good around the corner when it hooked and propelled him strainght across about a 2 foot deep ditch. So still not being very bright he kept it floored and was spinning dirt everywhere in a field cutting back towards the road he hit the ditch again running even faster to get back on the road. After he got back on the road he got out and walked around the car to make sure there was no damage. Not seeing anything he slowly crept back to where he was to pick up grandpa. After awhile grandpa showed up and ask "do you see a wreck? I heard a lot of crashing back that way" of course uncle Quinn had not seen anything. They reloaded the coon hound back into the trunk and uncle Quinn drove Cautiously home. The next Day Grandpa had to run into town. He got in the Stuidebaker and headed down the road as he always did just as fast as he wanted. after fighting the car for a mile he pulled over checked the car out then took it home for a look. only to find both front springs broken and the left tie rod badly bent. Well it didnt take him long to figure out where those crashing sounds came from. morale of the story " dont go coon hunting in a Hawk"

    Erin Hays
    "From Stuck and Rusty to Slick steel and sex appeal"
    1961 Hawk
    1962 Lark
    1963 Wagonaire