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    Originally posted by cultural infidel View Post
    Do you think that it may have originally gone to the port in this picture? The one with the bolt attached to the black hose? It appears that it is part of the base of the carb.
    That'd be my guess. I just can't seem to find the pictures of Sweet Pea that can back me up though, sorry. They've gotta be here somewhere...
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      I would agree with Dave. That might even be a PCV valve. Take it out and do the "suck" test. If not, just put a PCV valve between the red hose and the black one.
      Dick Steinkamp
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        Thanks for the quick responses fellas. Once I get over there I will check for PCV or get a new one. May get a new one just because.. its only a $5 part to have new. I am working on gathering info for ordering my brake parts and would just throw it on the order.

        Probably wont get over there this weekend as I have a sick kid... she had to leave daycare today because she was covered in hives! eeeegads.
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