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Gee Can a Day Go by without something else screwing up?

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  • Gee Can a Day Go by without something else screwing up?

    I've been trying to reinstall my 3.54 Differential for weeks without something else breaking on my Hawk.

    First it was the disc break caliper coming loose which required taking the disc off and finding some new bolts, then it was the P/S Pump leaking, and of course a P/S hose broke the same week. So I wound up replacing the entire system including installing a NOS control valve, but then I had to take it all apart to change the pitman arm from my old one to the new. My truck lock broke so I had to get the little one to crawl in form the rear seat to undo the lock hasp and she was barely strong enough to twist the ratchet but succeeded with lots of encouragement mustering up all of her inner strength, which is not alot (she's 13, eats like a bird and weighs not much more. My passenger reclining seat is on it's way out and Caroline is flying in the rear seat every time I punch the throttle and She's not happy (got the parts yesterday to fix it along with the deck lid)

    This morning I take Caroline down to the Ford Dealership to pick up her Edge (she getting the navigation and My touch fixed) and she flies into the back seat again reminding to fix that seat today. Well we park the Hawk and walk in the dealership and I come out to a pool of antifreeze coming out of the heater core!

    Boy my list of fixes is getting longer as the days progress closer to that real great weather.

    So I guess I better 'quitmybitchen" and get out to the shop and get something fixed

    I think I'll start on my differential first since I can bypass the heater core and still drive the Hawk.

    Have a great day .

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    Allen, that story just makes me want your Hawk more.
    62 GT


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      If you only go a quarter mile at a time, you should be fine
      Dave Warren (Perry Mason by day, Perry Como by night)


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        Just remember: It is a Hobby!!!!
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          Hey Allen , just be glad your heater core isn't under the dash <g>

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            Don't quit now, sounds like you've just about got all the bugs ironed out
            Joe H


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              sounds like a typical day in my life!

              my biggest problem with any of my cars is: "well, since i'm here fixing this, i might as well fix that"...
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                If I wasn't so beat from work this week, I would tell you about my six and a half hour oil change last Sunday. We still love them though.


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                  Been there done that or rather am there doing that. You are not alone


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                    Better fix that seat Allen or Caroline is going to clobber you.

                    Denny L


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                      I think I could have written that story!...several times.
                      Lou Van Anne
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                        Only thing about bypassing the heater hoses and with nice weather here, you'll be having so much fun driving it you will wait till winter to be here and have to do it in the cold. BTDT
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