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    I have found that using folks here on the site has almost always proven good. They tend to know they have a reputation to uphold and care, not only about their customers and their rep, but also about Studes in general and that works out to good service and quality service with fair market prices.
    As far as chroming, I have not done any on my truck, so I can not personally speak to that, and with Jerry being accross the country, shipping a bumper would not neccesarily be cost effective, even be prohibitive. But I would use Jerry for a hood ornament, badges, door handles.....anything that would fit in a standard ship box for sure.


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      Originally posted by bezhawk View Post
      I second Kdancys' statments completely. However, if your dissatisfied with quality of services, they should be given the opportunity to rectify the situation to ones satisfaction. I will say it's very disappointing to send off good parts and get back parts that were worse than you sent.
      In the example I gave in my original post, I sent the part back (an NOS hood ornament) to have them plate a second time. It came back in worse condition. They then offered to and did refund my money but I'd rather have had the part done right the first time.
      The good thing that came from that experience was that I did find an excellent plater that made the ornament look better than new. They have done several thousands of dollars worth of plating for me since.
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        Well I see that no one has said how much it costs. To answer your question I paid about $1300 including shipping for my Avanti bumpers from Jerry a couple of months ago. Mine did not require much rework to make them straight again. He did a great job on them.
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          Good chrome replating will never be cheap. There's just too much labor involved - stripping off the old plating, straightening, polishing out mechanical and corrosion damage, and then replating, one bumper at a time.

          A factory making new bumpers by the thousands can probably do the plating for under $20. On new, clean, straight steel, hundreds per day.

          That said, a smallish bumper as used on most Studes can probably be replated, good quality, for $400, maybe a bit less.

          But if you send the plater a twisted, dented, rotten old bumper, and expect show quality back, then it's going to cost more.

          And if your bumper is one of those enormous bumpers off a '58 GM car, bent, dented, twisted and rusted to oblivion, the plater has not ripped you off at $1000. He probably rather you went somewhere else.

          I don't know Jerry Forrester, but I do know plating, and the photos I've seen of his work, plus the price info people have supplied. tell me that he does good work at a reasonable price.


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            Rust is my friend , and i save alot of money by not treating it . .

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              Quality Chrome in Sterling,Il. did my 55 Commander bumper 2 years ago and did a nice job at the time it was $1,000 for front and rear with bumper guards. The guard needed work and I was satisfied with what I got. Final Touch wanted a lot more but they told me they only did show chrome.


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                Michael Myer sent the chrome from my avanti to a chrome shop in California. I believe it is someone they worked with prior to their move to Ohio. My Chrome bumpers, valve covers and oil galley cover where all done by the shop in CA that Michael uses. When I inquired about the extra expense (shipping) vs. some one closer, his reply was that he could trust this shop to do it correctly as stated in the post above:
                Originally posted by jnormanh View Post
                Good chrome replating will never be cheap. There's just too much labor involved - stripping off the old plating, straightening, polishing out mechanical and corrosion damage, and then replating, one bumper at a time.
                Michael's main concern with the chrome bumpers was something he calls "spider webbing". Apparently some chrome platers may send you a rechromed bumper that looks good initially but after some period of time small spidery looking lines or micro cracks begin to appear in the chrome.

                The work done on my bumpers wasn't cheap but they were absolutely beautiful when finished. Another aspect of chrome shop expense is the chrome process and environmental regulations. The related chemicals, air emissions associated with the process are driving up the cost, probably more so in CA vs. some states.
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                  I triple plate most Studebaker bumpers for $300.00 ea. Avanti fronts are of course more because of multiple pieces. Plating costs will be going higher this year.
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