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Cool Air For A Hot Avanti

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  • Cool Air For A Hot Avanti

    Anyone out there have an opinion on whether or not it would be worth the time and effort to install
    an R-3 Avanti style air cleaner and cool air ducting on a fairly nice R-2 Avanti? I never liked the idea of drawing hot underhood air into the supercharger. (let's face it, on the '63's the air filters really aren't very far from the right exhaust manifold). What bothers Me is the idea of cutting that rather large hole in a perfect inner fender skirt. I would think the cooler air would be of definite benefit to
    the engine's performance on a hot summer day though....Any thoughts?

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    The performance would improve. The question to ask is are you driving it in a way that you need or could use 100% of the possible power the car can make. If not I don't think it's worth the change.



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      Colder, dense air is always more preferable to make power, but I don't see how you can do it without making some difficult to reverse modifications. Maybe it's possible to mount a Saturn air deflector under the front end and have a duct routed down to it, but then you might run the risk of water ingestion with it being so close to the ground.

      Another method would be like what late model Corvettes do with ducting over and in front of the radiator and condenser, but that too would require some serious modifications.

      You might look at the SLP cold air kit for the '98-'02 Camaros and Firebirds. I have that in my '02 Avanti, though it's unquestionably a very different car than yours. It might give you some ideas to work with.
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        If you did the conversion, I don't see why you or any subsequent owners would want to change it back, if it was done properly. If you have the can, and 4" elbow, I'd do it. A good 4" induction hose can be acquired from Paxton. It certainly would make servicing the right bank easier, not having to remove the air cleaner and hoses. Repairing the 2 holes is not that much of a problem, if the conversion was reversed, but would necessitate apron and forward intake paint work.


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          On my Avanti R2 i have the R3 air box with the hose from the supercharger
          going threw the inner fender &a K&N filter at the end of the hose i made a shield
          by the filter to keep water & any road items away runs better with cooler air.


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            Not that Studebaker made that many R-3 Avantis to worry about it, but the factory location of that air filter housing really did expose it to the elements. I guess on a dry day this wouldn't be a problem, but if
            exposed to rain/snow, those two dry filters would be plugged in no time (I would think)


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              On the R3, the can is sealed with the rectangular intake pointing up and slightly toward the radiator. I don't think you would have any problems on a rainy day with that configuration. The '64 air cleaner would be acceptable and adaptable. The '63 unit could be problematic.


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                OK WCP that makes sense. Thanks everyone for the feedback. I'm still on the fence!