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  • Sound and heat deadening

    I did a search and I could only find one thread on Dynamat. There were some suggestions there on eBond or something like that.
    I was curious if there was more options nowdays that you guys are liking?
    I need both heat and sound deadening. What is the best bang for my buck?

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    Take a look at Lizard Skin. I"ve not used it (yet), but it sounds good.
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      i used this on the avanti:

      i was very happy with the results, and the price was much lower than dynamat...

      they also have a thicker mat now, and for you, Kelly, motorcycle stuff!!!

      p.s. - i don't know this guy, and your shipping costs will probably be higher (NC to CA)...

      like Mr. K said, lizard skin is great also... but a little pricey for me.
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        Bob, I like the simplicity of the Lizard Skin, but MAN is it pricey. You need a special gun to spray it on at about $100.00, then there are 2 different formulas you need to get the sound deadening and one for the heat protection. You have to stack them on top of each other to get both effects. A 2 gallon pale of each cost over $150.00 ea. and they only cover about 40-45 sq ft. No where near enough to do inside of doors, fire wall, floor, back wall, and inside the roof. So about $400.00 still wont cover and they only come in 2 Gal pales so now to get enough to cover or even more than I need is another $300.00...I am not spending $700.00.


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          I've used a lot of Dynamat through the years. It does a great job but it's expensive. I buy the bulk packs through Ebay. Eastwood now makes a similar product that's cheaper than Dynamat but I haven't tried it.
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            I too like the "Lizard skin" method but agree on the pricey part. I ended up searching for a similar alternative. And found Hy-tech a spinoff comany from NASA. uses pretty much the same stuff as Lizard skin but WAY less expensive.
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              I just put this in my Avanti. Installation was easy, just cut, lay down and shape to fit. It really sticks, once it is down, it is down forever. I recommend it. They have two different grades, I used the less expensive one. Today I drove the car for the first time with the mat and carpet in. I could not believe the difference. Really quiet. I was amazed. It took the 50 sq foot roll to do the floors. Here is a pic.
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                I have used Lizard Skin, and was happy with the results. I also used a closed cell dense foam under the carpet. I got mine from Loews, in the carpet section......listed as anti fatigue mat.
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                  Michael Myer used 3M rubberized undercoating under all surfaces on my body (inside fender wells & under floor pan) to help with sound deading. Then we used Lizard Skin to reduce heat and sound inside the body by spraying on inside of firewall, floor pan and inside the doors. Of course this was all done before anything else had been installed inside the interior.
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                    Here are 3 products i found and ordered, in my recent search, all at much better prices than the name brand stuff.
                    hope that helps.


                    Started with this (fatmat) today, seems good, and way cheaper than dynamat.

                    Check the test results link on this site.


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                      Kelly, why dont you & I get together in June & go to the L.A. Roadsters show in Pomona. They have tons of vendors there showing all kinds of newest & greatest stuff plus with the swap meet area it makes an all day thing. Fathers day weekend usually. I took Joy once & she couldn't handle even half of it.
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                        Hey you guys. Google e-dead that should send you to a firm in florida, cant remember the name, it is the same product as dynamat at about 20% of the cost. It comes with no name on it available in multple thicknesses, I do an entire car for a couple hundred dollars. I will look up the name on monday if you dont find it. Allen


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                          I have found FatMat and RattleTrap that both seem pretty close to DM and about half price. Th eDead stuff is only for sound not heat and this truck gets HOT inside. The eDead is also not 20% the price, it is about 50% the price. It goes for 2 bucks per sq ft. and DM goes for about 4 buck p/sq ft. The FatMat is only $1.50 p/sq ft/ Best deal so far I have found.



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                            I bought some FatMat off eBay for my Avanti, 100 sq ft for about $140 including shipping. It is identical to Dynamat. as others have said at half the cost or better.

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                              Originally posted by johnod View Post

                              Check the test results link on this site.
                              Read alot about this one on the HAMB. Probably going to go this route when its time.
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