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Stash of Stude Lit in W. PA

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  • Stash of Stude Lit in W. PA

    I talked to Don near Delmont PA today. He has 5 boxes of Stude manuals, books etc. that he wants to sell as a lot, no break up. He has no idea what he wants, but someone to make him a good offer, whatever that means. He will not sell piece meal. Apparently, he is married to a daughter of a long time Studebaker dealer in W. PA and when the guy passed away Don ended up with the books. He has no great interest in Studebakers and has not looked through it all to know what is there.

    If interested call: Don 724 -396-4503, or 724-468-8343. I doubt he would be interested in shipping them??
    Dan White
    64 R1 GT
    64 R2 GT
    58 C Cab
    57 Broadmoor (Marvin)

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    Maybe one of those guys that thinks he has a gold mine in his hands because it is Studebaker, to lazy to do any work on his part and just figures people will be jumping through hoops to get them and oh ya drive over and get them, good luck with his sale.
    Castro Valley,


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      Maybe it's just this simple,he's not a car guy per say but figures some one may be on the look out for such items ?
      "maybe do a little bickering" books and lit. are nice to have !
      Joseph R. Zeiger


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        That may well be true, but, as Bob P said you need to make some effort to say Stude Manuals; Brochures; Dealer Sales Records etc. Even just include a price for someone to buy and take a look. He's done basically nothing. Hope he sells his stuff, we've had folks join the forum to say I have model X for sale and want it to go to a Studebaker enthusiast, not that hard to do.
        John Clements
        Christchurch, New Zealand


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          I have lots of Stude literature, manuals, advertisements, etc. Virtually all 50's and 60's. I have sold some on eBay but found pretty quickly that they don't bring much money at all. I decided several years ago to just keep what I have, add to my collection if I see something I like, but I have no desire to part with any of it for the few bucks each piece is worth on the market.

          If the seller can't describe what he has and won't ship them, and only wants to sell the whole lot, he will have very few customers and pretty low offers if any.
          Dick Steinkamp
          Bellingham, WA