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  • Avanti parts needed

    I got an email from a friend who is trying to help out another guy. Both of these guys have Studes that were paid to be restored and the shop owner took their money, and stole/sold some of their car parts while never finishing their cars. Anyways.. My friend's friend has a Stude Avanti and is in need of the console and air conditioning control parts. If anyone has those, you'd make a guy pretty happy.

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    Need some part numbers Mat. I have some spare console parts, and a the control panel for an Avanti II with the rectangular air deflectors. I also have a set of new rectangular deflectors to replace the used ones. The panel has the controls on it, but I can't vouch for their functionality.


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      Originally posted by WCP View Post
      Need some part numbers Mat.
      He's right. They changed enough over the years that even the year of the car would help.


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        I just passed on what I was told. I'll see if I can find out more.


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          Dan and Betty Booth @ Nostalgic should have console pieces.
          Bez Auto Alchemy

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            Hi Matt,
            I have a NOS under dash unit blower for a Stude Avanti around here somewhere.

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              Please post the name and location of that shop so we can steer clear of that scammer!
              Robert Kapteyn


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                I found out that the car is a '64. I'll pass on Dan Booth's info to the owner.

                As far as the shop goes. It was in North Carolina but I am pretty sure that it's defunct now.


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                  That is what is great about this forum, people helping people.


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                    It may be easier to find a HOT girl and get rid of the heater.