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Parting out 1951 4dr Commandor

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  • Parting out 1951 4dr Commandor

    I have already listed items on ebay. However I knew I should list it here also. Call me anytime 501-626-0067

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    I went on ebay to look for your part, but all i saw were car covers. It has been awhile since I searched on ebay. Things have changed. Wow Can you post what you put on ebay.


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      Horn ring, cig. lighter, V8 emblem(glovebox), tail light, click on my items for sale


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        Would help if you'd at least give us your ebay username.
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          sorry, williamson1360


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            I pulled more parts today. I'm sick of the stuff that ebay is pulling now so I'm trying not to sell on there site unless I have to. I have the whole front cap, radiator,hood ornament(needs rechromed), windshield wipers arms, door jam foot chrome, rocker chrome, mirror,dash light with plastic lens,steering wheel horn ring,2 glass tail light lens with 1 chrome bezel. All off of a 4dr 1951 Commander Call anytime 501-626-0067
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              I have a good drivers rear fender and rear bumper(needs chrome work). I finally got the car pulled out to remove these items.


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                Is the heater blower motor assembly still there & in good condition? I am in need for the whole unit that goes from the front fender to the hole in the firewall
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                  I'll try and check on that tomorrow if not it will be Monday. Be sure an remind me in case I have oldtimers!!! My phone # is listed.