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Update...56 GH resto

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  • Update...56 GH resto

    Some shots of latest developments......Slick Slick Street Stuff's hanging brake pedal, with power brake booster and dual master cylinder......Vintage Air heat, air conditioner and defrost unit.....20 circuit electrical buss....Lokar's new black annodized brake pedal and accelerator pedal firewall mounted. And last but not least...have chosen to use a GT dash.

    All holes in the firewall have either been welded or filled with sheet metal to size.
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    You forgot to mention the best update of all, the Gran Turismo Hawk dash!
    In the middle of MinneSTUDEa.


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      Lookin good Mike!
      I always wondered what a totally stripped down fire wall looked like
      SB is still 3 1/2 months away. Looks like you are on schedule.

      Joe H


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        If anyone knows the drill it is you Joe. One foot in front of the other till she is complete. Am hopeful the stars align on this one in more ways than one. Hope all is well by you. I see you are considering a technological upgrade to correct a problem with vapor lock. I did my due dilligence on the EFI's available for my future builds and hands down.... for me and my stuff..... it is hands down the MSD Atomic. I go out and buy the 290 horse 4 bolt main small blocks...add the MSD....and away we go. Works for me.