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  • Oscar is a blast-

    Up to 70 mph on acceleration and under 45 mph when cruising.
    I am hoping it will get better once there is a muffler and exhaust system out the back. The exhaust right now is cut off right after the Y point connects right next to the passenger side of the bell housing. Very loud and rumbly inside and I have no flooring material, just bare sheet metal so it is very loud.

    But man, with the built motor, and the LOW gearing this thing really barks. At a 25 ish mph roll in 2nd gear, stomp the throttle and he JUMPS forward. If it hit the throttle and back off then hit it again it will almost lift the front wheel it lunges so hard. It really is impressive on HP for a smaller engine.

    The big cam with a good bit of overlap did not help the vacumn brake booster much. Only when I first let off the throttle do I feel the assistance of the booster...other than that it just feels like manual brakes...but they stop just fine, I am actually impressed. I expected them to be worse, so that is a happy surprise.

    I REALLY need to get my OD hooked up so I can drive it easier at speeds. I know it will never be a freeway flyer, but right now between the exhaust issue and no OD it sounds like it is winding out even at city speeds. We live in a suburban/semi-rural area and there are alot of streets that have 50 mph speed limits so even at that speed it is nerve racking to sustain.

    Bob K. thinks he has a 12 v OD solenoid and the centrifigal switch should work the same in 6V or 12V so that is fine I think. So hopefully soon.

    The only issue I have had since I started driving it the last 2 days has been my error. I am just running around locally, within a mile or so incase I need to walk home so I can find and work out any bugs and twice I have had it just die and not want to bad, I had not clamped down the speedo cable as of yet and it was contacting the starter solenoid and grounding it out. The first time it happened I just pulled it off and moved it over a bit, then it happened again, so I disconnected it, re-routed it, and clamped it all in place nice an more issues. It has not over heated as of yet, and it seems to be solid and I am starting to drive it farther each day and trusting it more and more...very exciting.

    I got my seat back from the upholsterer, it looks GREAT ! Just a simple dark butterscotch ish color and basic pleats accross the back and base with a smooth perimeter band surrounding the edge.
    However, I do understand now why Sasquatch Rick chose NOT to use this adjustable seat in favor of the fixed model. The seat is now a bit to far forward and too high for my taste. I feel too much on top of my pedal and the steering wheel. I drove it to my upholsterer to pick up the seat while I was sitting on a beach lawn chair, the low kind that have you 6" or so off the sand, and I was pretty low in the cab, a bit too low, but with the shallow back I was VERY comfortable with the pedals, now I am too close. I may redo that back at some point and just make a plywood back with some firm thin foam, like 2" thick and upholster it the same so I can interchange them for cruising or longer driving comfort.

    I am loving it though overall and cant wait to show it off....Dean, Warren, you guys gonna be around this weekend at all??????

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    Glad to hear you are having so much fun with your truck. I could never get comfortable in the 49 I had a long time ago. I ended up putting a bench seat from a Dodge Dakota pickup in it. Enjoy !
    Buckeye, Arizona

    1960 Hawk R2 4 speed project


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      OD pieces on their way to you today.
      No deceptive flags to prove I'm patriotic - no biblical BS to impress - just ME and Studebakers - as it should be.


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        Wasn't trying to rush you Bob, but thanks a ton.
        I get my exhaust system made up tomorrow, that will help a ton.
        OD installed next week, that will be really nice....then just get to driving....

        Is there anythingI can do to help the turning radius? This thing turns like a...well, like a truck...but a much bigger truck. I want to lower it a few more inches but my tie rod already hits my oil pan when I turn to the left. I had to dent my OP to make clearance already, Any ideas on a fix for that? The tie rod has a slight bend in it originally but that is on the far side of the OP. Can I straighten that bend out and put the kink in it right next to the inner tie rod end?


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          Turning radius??? file the stops some? I'd bet that engine - using car motor mount hardware - is sitting too low. Don't know if I'd tamper with re-configuring the tie rod, but that's up to you.
          No deceptive flags to prove I'm patriotic - no biblical BS to impress - just ME and Studebakers - as it should be.


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            Yeah turning radius is terrible, remember, it is a 3/4 ton HD so that may be of that issue.
            I worded that wrong about bending mine. I will make an all new one out of new chro-mo tubing. I just am curious about a shape that would be best...I started a thread on Tech Talk since that is more of a tech question with a bit more detail on the issue.
            Thanks Bob.


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              So something I forgot to mention, I have already been stopped twice by random people who want to check out the truck. 2 Guys in my neighborhood had seen and heard me doing laps around the block and when they heard me coming back around one time later, they came running out of their garage into the street waving me down to stop so they could check it out...that was kind of cool.


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                Hah! Prepare to be "interrogated" ALOT! I've got something else for Oscar's exterior that'll doll him up a bit. I'm gonna send it along with the wipers when I round all that up - which I did get part of it today!
                No deceptive flags to prove I'm patriotic - no biblical BS to impress - just ME and Studebakers - as it should be.


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                  Thanks Bob, and I am shooting you some money tomorrow for the do dads.