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    Kirby cars list is complete

    I have finished transferring my handwritten list to a typed document of Torrey Kirby's cars that must be sold . This is for his wife's benefit so she can match titles to cars since she knows little or nothing about the collection. I can't send out the list, but I can summarize somewhat. By my count there are 44 Studebakers, 11 Packards (including five South Bend Packards), seven Kaisers and one Frazer, 16 AMCs/Nashes, an assortment of later Chrysler and GM cars and a Ford rollback (operable). I'll list the Studebakers and Packards later when I have some time to refine the list. Total is 99 vehicles to get moved quickly. Torrey's son-in-law wants to get them gone by the end of May (which is unlikely).
    Most of the cars are very rough, but most are complete. There are a dozen or so that are restorable. Most of the MoPar, GM and AMC cars should be able to be made drivable for decent transportation. So, if you feel like opening your own salvage yard and want to buy a starter selection...
    Paul Johnson, Wild and Wonderful West Virginia.
    '64 Daytona Wagonaire, '64 Avanti R-1, Museum R-4 engine, '72 Gravely Model 430 with Onan engine


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      so where might we review the revised list please ?



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        Originally posted by dean pearson View Post
        so where might we review the revised list please ?

        Here is the list of Studebakers. If the information appears sparce, note that many of these cars are close to others, covered with poison ivy and/or multiflora rose vines making access pretty tough. Many driver doors were hard to open and I didn't want to force them. If anyone is interested in specific cars, email me at torreycars at frontier dot com (rather than use the Forum PM feature) and I can check for more items. I don't control pricing, but I think many will be sold at scrap prices.

        Very few of these cars have run in recent years, may have stuck engines. Mechanical condition undetermined.

        Vehicle Serial Number Description
        ‘64 Stude Comm 2 door, red 64V-15736 289, 4-speed, bench seat. rough, but sell eBay, unusual and collectable

        ’64 Stude Comm 4 door white ??? in garage. unknown, believed to be 6 cyl 3-speed
        driven more recently

        ’47-’49 Champion4-dr gray ??? in garage, unknown, probably decent

        ’58 Stude 4-door ??? in garage, may be President Classic, poor paint and pitted chrome

        ’64 Comm 4-door, brown C517012 A/T, rust in fenders, hood, stuck, fairly solid, don’t know if 6 or V8

        ’58 Comm 4-dr 8475722 A/T, radio, not much rust, hood stuck

        ’64 Comm 2-dr, blue couldn’t open door A/T, rough, key in ign, broken window

        ’59-’60 Lark 2-dr blue couldn’t open door A/T, fairly complete

        ’58 Comm 4-dr, black locked Stick, fairly complete, moderate rust

        ’63 Wagonaire, blue couldn’t open door sliding roof, moderate rust

        ’52 Champion 4-dr, med green G11386508 A/T, fairly solid, many parts in back and trunk

        ‘54 Champion Coupe, lt blue no serial plate extremely rusty, some $$ parts

        ’63 Lark Regal 4-dr, lt blue 63S533458 6 cyl, stick, bad rust

        ’61 Lark conv, yellow couldn’t open door V8, well equipped, many valuable parts, extreme rust,

        ’51 4-dr, lt blue poison ivy and brush Believe Regal Champion, stick, radio, fairly solid

        ’50 Champion 4-dr too close to next car Useable parts

        ’57 President Classic couldn’t open door A/T, clock, very rusty, some useable parts
        turquoise and white

        ’59-’60 Lark 4-dr, blue couldn’t open door V-8, 2 bbl, A/T, radio, fairly solid, parts car

        ’40 Comm 4-dr didn’t try extreme surface rust, rusty body- scrap

        ’55 Comm 4-dr couldn’t open door OD, clock, useable grille

        ’62 Lark Regal 4-dr couldn’t open (stump) A/T, split recliners w/headrests, pb radio, moderate rust

        ’64 Comm 4-dr,blue C11852 no engine/trans, fairly solid, sell as parts car

        ’63 Lark Regal 4-dr, white no serial plate 6 cyl, stick, radio, useable front fenders, sell as parts car

        ’56 Pres Classic 4-dr couldn’t open door AT, pb radio, clock, wheel covers, much rust,

        Zip Van (first) didn’t find serial rusty, some parts, scrap

        Zip Van (second) “ “ “ rusty, some parts, scrap, has a number of parts in cargo bay, may be Packard stuff

        ’63 Lark Regal 2-dr, white couldn’t open door 6 w/stick, very rusty, parts car, scrap

        ’62 Lark wagon, blue 62S572459 AT, 6, split non-recliners seats, roof rack, pb, radio, wheel covers, floors gone, parts car, scrap

        ’62 Lark Regal 4-dr, gray couldn’t open door AT, pb radio, sitting on ground, parts car

        ’54 Land Cruiser 4-dr, blue couldn’t open door AT, radio, clock, backups- parts car

        ’61 Lark hardtop Autumn Haze couldn’t open door 6 cyl stick sold- pick up 5/5/12

        ’64 Champ p/u, white E5-139540 6 cyl 3-spd, long bed, very rusty, sell for parts or scrap, badly damaged camper shell partly on truck

        ’61 Lark Cruiser, Autumn Haze 61V 25575 259 V8, O/D, very solid, little rust, shabby interior, some exterior surface rust, engine stuck

        ’66 Cruiser 4-dr, lt blue couldn’t open door AT, AM radio, usual rust, water stained seats, fair overall
        w/black vinyl top

        ’64 Wagonaire, gray couldn’t open door AT, V8, sliding roof. very rusty, parts or scrap

        ’64 Cruiser4-dr, black 64VC2553 split recliners, AT, clock, pb radio,
        moderate rust

        ’48-49 Land Cruiser 4-dr 4368724 radio gone, solid, backups, sell eBay

        ’63 Wagonaire, white 63S25589 6 cyl stick, sliding roof, very rusty, scrap

        ’56 Commander 4-dr 8456053 AT, pb radio, clock, bad w/s and pass door glass,
        green and white parts or scrap

        ’61 Lark 2-dr, lt blue can’t get to door 6 cyl, AT, little rust, bent fender, eBay

        ’63 Cruiser, blue 63V25960 AT, ps, split recliners, clock, pb radio, swashers,
        nicely equipped, may not belong to Torrey

        ’66 Commander 4-dr, maroon can’t open door AT, V8, rusty floors, sold Kern Motors,
        Winchester, VA

        ’59 Lark hardtop 59V23816 Reclining bench seat, V8 stick, very rusty floors, possible buyer

        60 Lark wagon 4-dr 60S 56218 6 cyl, AT, dash partly gone, clock, possible buyer
        lt blue

        ’59 Lark 2-dr 59S 84523 6 cyl, stick, no radiator, rusty floors and fenders

        ’63 GT Hawk, red, can’t open door Column AT, 289 V8 2 bbl, full dash, disc
        w/black interior brakes, ps, hood opens OK, said to have
        extensive documentation.
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        Paul Johnson, Wild and Wonderful West Virginia.
        '64 Daytona Wagonaire, '64 Avanti R-1, Museum R-4 engine, '72 Gravely Model 430 with Onan engine


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          The entire list is on the Potomac Chapter Website

          List updated with more complete information and more cars...10:20 / 03 may 2012
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          1970 Avanti (R3)


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            In addition to the Packards on the chapter website, Paul Johnson e-mailed some pics that confirm there is a rough 1955 Clipper of some sort, and a like 1956 Clipper Custom 2-door hardtop.

            The '56 looks mediocre but is a rare car: Top-trim-level Clipper Customswere discontinued mid-year when replaced by the 1956 Packard Executive line. BP
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