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  • Lets try this

    I imagine the rest of you are as fed-up as I am with the car cover seat cover etc. vendors

    clogging up Ebay with their useless junk.I contacted the vendor via the ask a question

    route & told the dealer what I thought about his action.I figure if enough of us do so they

    might get the idea.Hey it might get thru to them & they would back-off,it's worth a try!

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    Good Luck! If they serll ONE cover to some unsuspecting sort for Grandad's Stude, they are not gonna care about OUR inconveniences.
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      It's pretty easy to type "Studebaker -cover" into the ebay search bar.


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        I limit my search to "vintage car & truck parts". I probably miss some stuff, but it sifts out most of the real vintage parts.


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          What has worked for me lately is to have a saved search that excludes those sellers. Every few days I have to add another seller to exclude but it works pretty well.
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            The one sure way to be rid of these searches is to select "used" on the sidebar, I love it!!! 22000 or so Studebaker items instantly reduced to say 2000 or so, certainly a lot less.
            John Clements
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              Use the Stude swap page , And tell feebay to take a hike , Ed


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                adding -fits removes a lot of unwanted listings as well


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                  Unless you are looking for a valve cover. <G>


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                    I have been doing 2 searchs. "Studebaker used" and "Studebaker nos".
                    South Lompoc Studebaker


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                      You don't need anything for your car Kevin, It looks great as is!


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                        Again, as I always say every time one of these threads comes up, I solved it permanently. Just get a mouse with a scroll wheel and roll right past the nonsense. It's always worked great for me.
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                          Originally posted by jts359 View Post
                          Use the Stude swap page , And tell feebay to take a hike , Ed
                          Yeah, what Ed said, STICK IT ebay!!!!!!!!!!!!
                          I was STUDEBAKER, when STUDEBAKER wasn't "KOOL".