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'41 Champion in "Corrina Corrina"

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  • '41 Champion in "Corrina Corrina"

    I never saw this film and in fact never heard of it. It was apparently made in 1994 and had a 1959 setting. Probably not too many '41 Champions driving around in '59. Wonder who this one belonged to? Maybe the same car that was in the original "Godfather?"
    Richard Quinn
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    That's a good flick. Don't remember the Champion, though.
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      Originally posted by Studebaker Wheel View Post
      Maybe the same car that was in the original "Godfather?"
      According to a posting on the Internet Movie Car Database, and based on the chrome, the "Godfather" car may not have been a President Custom Land Cruiser rather than a Champion (I have no idea if that's accurate).

      And here's their photo of the "Corrina, Corrina" car...
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