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1963 Lark Daytona

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  • 1963 Lark Daytona

    I am looking for a 1963 Lark Daytona hardtop with the sliding roof. This lark had the 289 w/4bbl carb, 4-speed, twin-traction, factory disc brakes, factory air, p.s., p.b., inside antenna adjuster, bucket seats. The car was medium blue w/blue interior. The center of the front seats had perforated vinyl. The sliding roof was white convertible top material. I sold the car in the early 80s in Sacramento, CA. My contact is thanks, Nick

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    That would be a Daytona Hardtop Skytop, we have a registry for those. Check the Home page under "Valuable Links" for links to registries.
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      These cars were found to be quite rare. Rare enough that people are tracking them so if yours was sold recently enough, or if it has been to a show, someone probably has its serial number by now and it should be listed on the registry.

      Good luck! And welcome to the forum!!