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  • At Least There Was One!!

    Yesterday (Saturday) I went to the local car gathering that meets in a donut shop parking lot. Appropriately named the Pismo Donut Derelicts. Usually there are several Stude's present but not this time. Only my two.

    One thing about these two, they really make a strong impression for the brand. Funny how people get this wierd look on their face when I tell them they are Stude powered. I guess too many of them have been ruined by other brand engines. But not mine.

    Went to Lompoc this morning for an event but it got rained out. They hope to try again next week. Did stop by two fellow Studebaker guys houses for a visit. Tom is the guy who donated a lot of parts for the Avanti and Les and Sue are the ones who donated the camper. They like the combo.

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    I have gotten a little tired of going to car shows anymore, I see mostly the same cars- Fords and Chevys, trailered in for trophies. ANYBODY can build a Ford or Chevy, virtually every part is reproduced, all it takes is time, money and someone's talent. People don't realize what's required to build a Studebaker car for show-or any other orphan car, for that matter. I have driven my car to car shows and it always attracts a crowd, but I don't consider it a "show" car, I couldn't (wouldn't) drive it if it was. I'd like to see more Studebakers at shows but people don't appreciate them, it seems.


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      Are those "FOR SALE" signs in the windows of the Avanti???


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        Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you. The car is For Sale as the owner does not have a desire to race it and I would like to move on to some other bucket list items. The asking price is very reasonable.
        $ 30,000 for the car (less engine and transmission) with all of the safety equipment and current log book, all the parts that were removed and/or replaced during the restoration and a recorded history of the 48 years of Land Speed racing. If the buyer does not want or need the trailer or the safety equipment the price will be adjusted.

        To put it in perspective it would cost about $100,000 to 150,000 to build a new "Altered" class car today. Due to all the changes that have been made in the rule book over the last 48 years. If someone gets the car to Bonneville next year it will be celebrating 50 years of racing. Maybe I will take the time to post the history that I have uncovered about the car and it's owners.