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    Originally posted by Ricardo View Post
    If Fred is good , the re-publication could be negotiated, at least reorganized in a couple of articles. But many people (members) would like to know that material to learn more from Studebaker. Is not that one of the "missions" or principles of SDC?

    All the articles I have written for TW have been free
    Everything I have written for SDC has been free, too -- but then I'm not a professional writer. To be fair to Fred, he IS a professional historian/writer. Writing articles of the type we're discussing provides his income. Over the past year or so, he has repackaged/rewritten several articles that had first appeared years ago, including Scotsman trucks and 1966 cars.

    I no longer remember the details, but I believe SDC encouraged Fred to consolidate some of his older articles into longer, more comprehensive histories and publish them as soft-cover books. I believe that Fred felt that the market for such publications was rather limited, and that it might make more sense to completely revise and update some of the older articles and be able to take advantage of the color pages that now regularly appear in TW. The two-part 1966 article is an example of that approach.
    Skip Lackie


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      Thanks for the answer Skip

      I hope really to read those "re visited" articles by Fred. Otherwise, all the knowledege will be lost in older and scarce issues of TW , being that my main worry .

      Apart: More than be a profesional or not is some field, one also make things for love. Even owning a Lark, a Champion or a Commander , or a Scotman is a matter of love more than money or business
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        If you read those old articles, a neat feature of the Studebaker cabovers was that on many if not all of them, major engine service was accomplished by removing the grill and surrounds, and sliding the engine out the front on sub-rails.