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  • Enough is enough....

    It's been almost 2 months since the Champ was hit by a Lincoln SUV & it's still in the shop. Nationwide Insurance has cut off the rental car because of the excessive time. The body shop called the other day to inform me that the truck was done. They also asked if I was going to take care of the spray liner in the bed. What?? The spraylining was part of the original estimate. They sent it out yesterday to have the bed finished. That shop (Linex) called to say that they don't carry the gray bedliner color that is currently on the Champ. They recommended a gloss black finish. Well, I don't want black. So, I went to their shop & they do have gray after all.
    While in their shop I got to inspect the body work for the first time. The replacement panel from SI looks great. The bed is still 1/2" out of whack in the alignment space between the cab & bed. The lower tailgate hinge bolts are missing & the bolt holes are chipped. There is a small horizontal crack in the lower tailgate. The chrome tailpipe extensions are dented from the original tow from the accident. The tonneau cover snaps have a different measurement from the left & right sides of the bed. I understand that this was the last 6 1/2' panel available. They also didn't repair the rocker panels after I approved the estimate. Will this ever end???

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    'Sorry to hear of this, Bob. Things seemed so promising early on. 'Hang in there.

    (To answer your question; yes...but maybe not with your having received 100% satisfaction, 'sorry to say.) BP
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      Sounds like the body shop let you down. I had a lady rear end my Hawk last summer. I did all the work myself and saved some money, otherwise I would have had the shop I used to work for fix it for me.


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        it ain't "done" until you're satisfied with it!

        it may be time to consult an attorney, that specializes in auto crash/insurance problems. it won't cost you for a consult. first thing would be to get your rental back. one call by a law firm should do that. if your neck or back "hurts" let the atty know. with any work lost (if applicable), or extra bills due to the crash.

        in 1996, my wife at the time, was "sandwiched" in her grand am. the offender's insurance was ok in dealing with her at first. the idiot pontiac dealer's body shop (this was in mid-state nc) called us in about 4 weeks and said the car was ready. we went to pick it up - the front end was done, but the rear end had not been touched! the body shop foreman said the offender's insurance only approved the front end (not true). one call to our atty took care of everything, although it took another 2 months to get the car back!!!

        lesson learned: don't be afraid to drop a dime for legal recourse if needed!
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          Isn't there a South Carolina Insurance Commision to help with Insurance Co. Issues?

          Sorry to hear this, maybe Nationwide is NOT on your side!
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            Is the shop a "direct repair shop" for nationwide? If it is then call them, if not one of their shops and one you picked, then it will be your fight with the shop. Since they cut off the rental, I doubt it's one of their shops--if they put you in the shop, then they're usually stuck with the rental regardless of how long it takes, if it was your choice of shop, then talk to the shop owner--not the service writer or manager--the owner, He doesn't want any bad things to be circulated about his shop--bad for business. The insurance commisioner won't be able to help if the company paying the bill didn't set you up with the shop. If you can't get a satisfactory repair, go to the state department of consumer affairs, see if there is someone who licenses or regulates automotive body repair and try to get them to help. If all else fails, don't sign over the insurance company check to the shop, if they paid you and you are responsible to pay the shop then they can't help either. This happens everyday in autobody repairs, I know, I spent 37 years handling insurance repair claims and every so often one goes bad--just part of the repair industry's lack of new "talent" that's properly trained and cares enough to do a quality job. Most are "replacement specialists" and can't repair anything--just what's available for the shop owner to pick from. Keep at it and be calm and curteous, it will eventuall be resolved


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              Talk to the insurance co FIRST. Tell them you want it taken to a different shop and repaired correctly. [my experience,-40 years in the body shop business-]


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                Robert, I have to wonder if the frame is back square where it belongs ? " you say gap is un-even between cab + bed." I also wonder if it would heat up the ball faster,by suggesting a visit to MVD ?
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                  Oh man. I think I would be looking for another body shop.
                  Glad the rear fender worked out!
                  Chris Dresbach


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                    Thanks for the input,guys. The body shop was recommended by Nationwide & they had good reviews. They approved the rental car 2 weeks before the truck went in the shop because of the leaky gas tank. I still have the rental but am being billed since March 13 cut off date. The Linex shop also pointed out that the bed floor has a hump. Unbelievable!


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                      This was exactly my concern when they wanted to use 'mar glass' on the gate- made me question their workmanship. I was afraid there would be issues with the finished work, and sure enough there is.

                      In cases like this, it sometimes requires having it inspected by a known reputable shop, having them document your areas of concern, then suing them for the cost of correction at the reputable shop.

                      The first step is always to try to work it out with the repairer, but this is sounding like too many things wrong, indicating substandard work. My next step would be to take them the estimate from the reputable shop and ask for them to pay it, or you'll sue. Then, if they don't satisfy you, sue. Might be a good idea to have your lawyer try a settlement with them on your behalf, then have the lawyer present the bill.

                      The shop may eventually make it right, but my experience is you'll likely get strung along and put off hoping you'll give up, or get nasty with you. That's what lawyers and courts are for.

                      I say this based on what info you've given us. Of course, there are two sides to every story, but from what you've said it sounds like you are not being unreasonable. Good luck, and keep us posted. At some point in life most of us have to face a situation like this.
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                        There is an old saying,....

                        Squeeky wheel gets the grease, SQUEEK and then SQUEEK some more, Make them realize that you are thier worst nightmare and pray for the morning that you don't make thier life's miserable all freakin day.

                        Raise holy heck AM. every day with everyone involved once let them know that you expect a call back from their supervisors by noon or you will be there to speak with them personally at 1:01 pm after lunch and make them aware that they want you out of thier life period over and done.

                        Thrash them sonsabeaches repetadly proper care of your pride and joy has allready been paid for and they are trying to give you as little back as possible preserving thier bottom line.


                        sorry (venting)


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                          If this shop is one Nationwide recommended, then by all means keep the rental. Notify Nationwide that you are not happy with repairs & you will be keeping the rental until you are satisfied. They should have also provided you with a "lifetime guarrantee" on the repairs being a recommended shop. Then if nothing changes consult an attorney. If anything the body shop is responsible for additional rental costs. Keep us informed please.
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                            I would contact your Insurance agent if you have one. If not {not sure if Nationwide has "agents"} contact a manager and air your concerns and issues. I am not clear here, is Nationwide YOUR insurance, Or, the clowns that hit you has Nationwide?
                            I would deal with YOUR own insurance and let them threaten to sue. His insurance is paying the bill, but your insurance company works for you.


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                              The madness continues! The Linex shop dropped the tailgate onto the bumper. The gate has a new dent & chipped paint. They also pulled off paint with masking tape. Aggghhhh!!!