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'37 Coupe-Express door panels pics needed

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  • '37 Coupe-Express door panels pics needed

    Does anyone have a good picture of a '37 Coupe-express door panel? Especially important if there is any pattern in it at all. If it is plain-jane I won't need it as I will put some kind of pattern in it and if it originally had a pattern I might as well duplicate it (if I like it). I am already planning to use the bottom portion of a seat out of a '37 coupe because I used a passenger car seat riser when I cut out the rotted floor in the C-E, and leather seats with probable wide pleats,so the truck won't be all original in that regard anyway. It will not be judged in SDC (display only) in my lifetime, but no one else in the world out of the Studebaker community would likely know it's changed. Thanks. Tom

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    tom there were three different seat materials available,leather,vinyl ,and cloth along with two different door panels. one is plain cardboard and the other cloth,same as used on the dictator passenger car. I believe Rene reproduces the cloth panel. Jerry