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GT Hawk Headlamp Bezel Changes?

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  • GT Hawk Headlamp Bezel Changes?

    Question... 1964 Gt Hawks had a gasket (black welting?) between the headlamp bezel and the
    fender (looks very nice). !963 GT hawks use the same style headlamp bezel. Did the factory also
    use that same welting on the '63's as You'd find on the '64's? Ed Reynolds catalog lists '64 only',
    and I just wondered........

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    My '63 as supplied in '63 did not have the welting on the bezels. It was assembled in Canada. Also, I've never seen it on any '62's.


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      No there were no Bezel changes.
      As usual the simple answer is in the good book we all should have. The 3305X3 (times 2) Cushion, was only used on '64S,'64V-K.
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        Thanks WCP and StudeRich,...........Factory folks must have thought the cushions gave a bit more of a 'finished' appearance....I agree!


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          As well as the finished appearance the trim lessens any chance of paint chipping between the two metal edges. I have only replaced mine once in the close on 50 year period.

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            When I finally took my car to the best body shop I could find, they did a marvelous job and even installed the black welting on the headlights, tail ligthts, around the grill surrounds...everywhere there was a gap that could attract stuff. On a black car you wouldn't notice it until you were very close, but like Hawk64 and SN-60 say, it gave a finished appearance and should last 50 years
            Dave Warren (Perry Mason by day, Perry Como by night)