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I'm going out to the shop knowing I will be frustrated

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  • I'm going out to the shop knowing I will be frustrated

    I pulled the front sway bar on my Hawk last night to replace it with the long wanted HD Sway bar from T-Bow. My initial reaction when looking and setting the sway bar in place that with the new clip and bushing (supplied) this was not going to be easy. The new bushing is BIG, I mean HUGE and needs to be compressed a ton to set in the bolt into the clip to the lower A-Arm assembly. At this point I wish I had not removed the old sway bar just yet, I insured my Hawk yesterday, with hopes of going out for a cruise. Today's temp in Southern Ontario (March 21) is expected to reach a high of 86 degrees with the humidex reading... Crazy! with Arizona in the deep freeze with tons of snow in the northern areas.

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    WOW! 86* in Ontario! I woke up to "snow" on the ground here in Orygun. I have been thinking about a heavier sway bar too, but I have heard some folks caution about the stiffer bar adding sufficient stress to the "A" arms to cause them to crack, have you ever heard of that happening? I was already figuring out how I would fab up some new, bigger bushing clamps if I went that way.


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      If you don't get the bar on, go for a drive anyway. I doubt if you'll feel a whole lot of difference in normal driving.

      My son participates in "track days" with his E36 M3 BMW. Monday at Laguna Seca, he set his personal best lap time at 1:46. He then broke a front sway bar bracket, removed the sway bar, and turned a 1:48.
      Dick Steinkamp
      Bellingham, WA