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3E Pickup Bed removal

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  • 3E Pickup Bed removal

    We have just purchased a 1957 Transtar What I know:
    It has a 259 from a Lark w/ a Automatic trans. the diff seems to be a 9" Ford that is too wide and not in the correct location (wb 123 1/2") My questions are how does the bed come off the truck and what kind of diff came in it.

    Thank you, this is a very nice web/forum.

    Thank you,


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    It came with a Dana 44 axle. The bed is held on at the front with some bolts and a couple of heavy rectangular washers that pinch against frame members.
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      Hey Dusty! Welcome to the forum and the world of Studebaker. If you have not done so...join the Studebaker Drivers Club. Florida has lots of club members and it would be good for you to join a local chapter of the SDC as well. My newest Studebaker truck is a 1955. It has been a while since I have unbolted my bed, but they are fairly simple. There is four bed to frame clamps, and some fender to frame braces. However, some of the most wise money you will ever spend is to buy three factory manuals for your truck. There is the chassis manual, body manual, and the shop manual. These books will show just about every bolt, washer, clamp, etc. that covers the truck from front to back. There are vendor links listed on the SDC main web page, eBay sellers, etc. Check it out and take your time. You might even find a way to make that Ford rear work and like it. My truck is the little six cylinder, so I can't address your issues too well. Others may offer good suggestions.

      Welcome, good luck with the truck and hang around here and post away. We love pictures...take some and figure out how to post them. We want to see your truck.
      John Clary
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        Thank you

        Thank you for your help. I will jump on the bed project as soon as I get home. Thank you for the info on the diff. This diff has a pumkin like a 9" Ford but I do not believe it to be one.

        Thank you and I will look into the local Clubs in Florida.



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          There is a Ford 8" as well as the 9". There was an Olds with the front pumpkin that was a popular diff back in the 60s and early 70s. Then there is the Mopar 8-3/4" that some hot rod guys were using for a while.
          Not sure exactly how to ID what you have, but those are a few possibilities.


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            Pictures please. Worth more than 1,000 words.