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  • Studes at auction

    Lots of Studes

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    Attention 58 lovers.
    Don Wilson, Centralia, WA

    40 Champion 4 door*
    50 Champion 2 door*
    53 Commander K Auto*
    53 Commander K overdrive*
    55 President Speedster
    62 GT 4Speed*
    63 Avanti R1*
    64 Champ 1/2 ton

    * Formerly owned


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      Wow; that's amazing.


      1. As has been noted, three 1958 J-Body S/P produicts; two Packards and one Commander hardtop(s). None look too far gone to prohibit restoring, and one of the Packards is even inside looking halfway respectable.

      2. Plenty of 1965 Impala hardtops and a convertible to keep Bill Pressler B&B (Busy & Broke) for the next millenium.

      3. If scrap prices hold as high as they are now, there is gonna' be a whole lotta' iron lost to the hobby when that "collection" is auctioned off.

      4. Unless I missed it, surprising that there isn't even one Hudson in the bunch. Given the proportion of Studebakers, you might expect to see one step-down Hudson languishing there somewhere.

      5. Things you could never explain: Check out all the U-joint inner retaining clips lying on the "tray" of heater/defroster controls of the green 1953/1954 Mercury (didn't study it carefully as to 53/54). How did they all wind up there, and why? Weird.

      'Gonna' be one helluva sale. BP
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        '65 Impala conv. with a toilet seat on the trunk lid. Never seen that before. Will be fine if I never do again.
        (read it backwards)

        Nothing is politically right which is morally wrong. -A. Lincoln


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          For the big truck guys this one looks as though it could be ultra original and nice.
          '89 Ford Festiva
          '90 Ford F250 4x4
          '14 Kia Rio
          '64 Studebaker Gran Turismo Hawk
          '66 International Harvester pickup


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            Holy smokes! Something for everyone. There's a pretty decent-looking '54 Conestoga wagon, and a '59 Scotsman pickup, with the fender cut out for a sidemount spare.

            Not to mention some cool Brand X models. I may have to put together a posse, and stage a cross-border "raid".
            Gord Richmond, within Weasel range of the Alberta Badlands