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A great Stude March in Canada!

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  • A great Stude March in Canada!

    Hamilton Chapter had its monthly meeting yesterday at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum in Mt.Hope, just south of Hamilton; it turned into a really great Studebaker day and the week leading up to it had been really good too with plenty of wheel time in the's a smattering of pix...

    Last Sunday, March 11, the Lark does what a Lark six sedan stereotypically does best...goes to church! Course I break the mold a bit by not being the proverbial little old lady. The church seen is Compass Point Bible Church in Burlington, which most of my immediate family attends and I visit occasionally (my home church is Philpott Memorial in downtown Hamilton).

    More to follow. (Don't want the post to time out.)


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    I'm "underemployed" currently as most of you know; while that's the case I've taken on a graphic design internship at a local nonprofit that happens to be two blocks east of the old Studebaker plant. Took these two shots while en route there one morning last week. The car was a hit both where the internship is and at my part time job, where I took the car a couple evenings to show it off.

    I was photographing the Lark after the internship finished for the day when a gent in a sharp '37 Ford turned up...he thought I was doing pix for an ad and wondered if maybe he could buy the Lark!



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      Next we come to yesterday, Sunday March 18. I met up with new Chapter member John Thompson and he rode shotgun in the Lark to Mt.Hope where the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum is. There's a longstanding link between SDC Hamilton and CWH (former chapter president Paul Cronkwright having been one of the museum's pilots and a director as well). Also present was Paul Denter from the Lincoln club, who is in the process of organizing a meet in Hamilton in 2013 that's to feature a Stude component. After the meeting, as usual, most attendees went to a local grill, Frankie's, for breakfast. Here are four Studes at the museum...


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        For the airplane enthusiasts, here are a few of the CWH museum's treasures. Cornell trainer (in Norwegian markings--the Norwegian air force trained in Canada in exile during WWII) and the iconic Lancaster bomber...

        Fairey Firefly naval strike fighter.

        Bristol Bolingbroke light bomber under restoration to fly.


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          Another view of the '62 Daytona Skytop rod, at Frankie's...

          Afterward, Steve and Kathy Porter decided to take their '50 to Mizener's flea market in Flamborough, west of Hamilton; John and I opted to go as well, so there was an impromptu two-car Studebaker show at the flea market!



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            Final two Stude sightings of the day were two Daytonas...John and I went to see a '64 4dr that's for sale, then I dropped him off at his place in Hamilton, remembering as I was headed homeward that I was going right by the location of that '65 drag car I've posted before. Dropped by there, chatted with the owner (now working on a Ford T dragster), am hopeful he'll turn up at the Ontario chapter's April 28 swap meet out in Badenoch near Guelph. Visited friends in Burlington in the evening, still aboard the Lark, so it was a long, satisfying Stude day. And the weather...June in March. Absolutely wonderful.

            The '64.

            The '65 ex-dragster.

            Cheers all



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              Steve, what's the Badenoch swap meet like?


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                It's a nice little meet...not usually tons of parts, but as a season-opening social/swap event it's great. Sometimes there's a special guest, human or mechanical...for instance one recent year we enjoyed a talk by Reg Hillary, one of the Shell 4000 rally drivers, and a couple years before that the Acton fire department brought their 1928 Studebaker-Bickle firetruck to show...and of course Badenoch always affords a good opportunity to make or renew acquaintances and see some Studes on the road for the first time in the season.



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                  Nice going, Steve. I've been out tooling around, too. What a gift this weather has been. Cheers.
                  Dave Warren (Perry Mason by day, Perry Como by night)


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                    I enjoyed your story and the pictures you posted, Steve. Thanks for sharing.

                    That '62 Skytop is really over the top, isn't it? Watch out when walking around the back of the car near those taillights!

                    Dave Bonn
                    '54 Champion Starliner