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  • BIG Yellow Champion!

    I was driving my Lark down hwy 23 in south Ga. today and I noticed a Big yellow Machine coming toward me. The driver had his arm out the window waving at me. When i got closer I recognized the driver. It's not unusual to see this person driving a yellow Champion, as he owns a Yellow 51 Starlight and has for the past 25 years or so.
    But this was not his Champion. This one is owned by the state of Georgia. Yes, It's true! The State still owns and operates Champions!

    The driver was my son James, who works for the State of Ga. Dept of Transportation. The Champion he was driving was a Motor Grader. Or as we call it down here, a Road Scraper. The brand name is Champion. I asked him if it had a flathead 6 in it but he said he thought it had a Catepillar Diesel.
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    Neil Thornton