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list of magazines with Studebaker articles

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  • list of magazines with Studebaker articles

    Many decades ago I made these papers up with magazine names and dates when they had Studebaker articles. I vaguely remember reading through catalogs at the library, but it is a fuzzy memory.
    Anyway, lets see if the pictures attached to this message. If so, you can download the pictures and zoom in a bit to read them.
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    Looks like it worked, and they are readable when clicked on.


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      For an even larger list, check out the compilation run in the Spring/Summer 2011 Avanti Magazine, Issue #154. Terry Sterkel compiled the list a number of years ago, and it was updated for the reprint in this issue.
      It is mostly on Avanti articles in print, but also includes Studebaker mentions too. Back issues are still available on the online shopping cart.
      Lew Schucart
      Editor, Avanti Magazine


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        Brooklands from the UK published books of Studebaker and Avanti articles from period periodicals.
        Studebaker Gold Portfolio 1947-66
        Avanti-Limited Edition Extra,
        Studebaker Hawks and Larks 1956-63.

        They're available on Amazon, I received the 47-66 book for Christmas via them.
        They're cheaper than hunting down the magazines.

        If you're interested in seeing what US, Canadian , UK and Australian auto magazines said about the cars, they're worth getting. I found the 47-66 book a good concise history of postwar Studebakers.
        63 Avanti R1 2788
        1914 Stutz Bearcat
        (George Barris replica)

        Washington State