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Oscar is alive..!!!!

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  • Oscar is alive..!!!!

    I was concerned with how hard the oil pump was to turn in another thread on Tech talk.
    After a bit of help, some double checking the accessable oil galley plugs and double checking the pressure relief valve...I just decided to give it a shot.

    After all of my checking, everything had GREAT oil supply, shooting 2'+ out of the front oil galley plug and the rear plug...Pulled the PR valve, it seemed good when I removed it, but I still took my .45 acp cleaning rod and cleaned like crazy, and sprayed it out. I did Joe Halls suggestion of putting a piece of racing tie wire thru the tiny hole in the valve piston, making a knot on each side, and use that as a handle to feel how easily it slides thru the was like butter.

    Finally, with a BIT more confidence, and positive that the oil was flowing throughout the block, I dropped in the distributor, put in the spark plugs and wires, jimmy rigged up a temporary fuel bucket and fuel line hanging off of my battery mount bracket, hooked up the coil wire.....and touched the starter button with the ingnition on.

    I was expecting a cough or 2 and a pop, maybe even a TRY to fire sound, but since all I did was drop in the distributor pointed at cylinder #1 and rotate it till I thought I heard a pop of the points {old school LOL} and snugged that down, I expect a bit of fiddling.....NOPE.

    I don't think the crank made a full 360* rotation and ...VRRRROOOOMMM fired straight off and sounded like a motor. No coughing or spitting nothing.

    MAN OH MAN was I happy!!

    I got it to idle after a bit of fiddling and closing the choke plate...oh yeah did I mention I had even pushed the choke open and fired straight was 78* out today though so that helped, but got him idling and hoped in to check Oil pressure...60 psi at idle and dead steady...

    No clatters, clunks, clicking, ticking, knocks or funny sounds of any sort. Not quite a PURRR yet, but still do not have a water manifold on it, my old 4 bolt thermostat housing off of the 232 will not work with the aluminum timing cover off of the is not deep enough, so Warren said I could grab one of his spares, I just haven't yet. So I could not run it long enough to get him to purr, or Burble as it should....but he ran great.

    You folks are all awesome and I just want to say THANK YOU ALL !!!!!!
    I am not done yet, so I am sure more question will come to get him on the road, but the first, biggest, most important hurdle is over...until the next question...have a wonderful day all you, my good friends.
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    Congratulations man! There's no sweeter feeling than that first roar to life of a previously-dormant engine. Thanks for sharing the good news!

    Clark in San Diego | '63 Standard (F2) "Barney" |


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      Congratulations! Many of us have had those anxiety spells when firing up a new rebuild for the first time. Some of the best sleep I have ever had, was the night after a successful "first-run." Completing that task is always a big relief, especially for those of us who don't do this kind of work often.
      John Clary
      Greer, SC

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        - back in my "yout", an accomplishment like that would make me work on the car all night long.

        nowadays, i'd have to agree with Mr. C - get some happy sleep and hit it again in the morning!
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          Not sure of your age Corvanti, but I am no spring I will be 48 in a couple of days, I am sure many here would LOVE to be 48 again, BUT, I have raced MX fro 40 + years and been in heavy construction, I now have a fused wrist, and a 2" x 3" plate in my neck with 6 pins and 6 screws fusing 3 vertibrae together in this last year...long nights are NOT my friend anymore...but yes, I have had many a thrash session all night long with the 3 am rip thru the neighborhood at break neck {no pun intended} speeds, half of the time with bailing wire, duct tape, and hose clamps holding something together...I am over those days.


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            Good news indeed Kelly! I've been tied up this week running around doing things for the family & finally have tomorrow off. What style water manifold do you want? 4 bolt thermostat neck or 2? I'm pretty sure I have both, but will check in the morning.
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              Glad you got her goin! Remember, that first 50 miles is most critical, then the following 450 are still a "handle with care" situation regarding break in. Some folks report that they break a new engine in just like they intend to drive it later---hard. I have never subscribed to that. At the very least, monitor the guages closely, be alert to sounds and smells, and every time you shut it off, bend over and look under the car. Never know what you might see, i.e. oil or antifreeze pouring out.

              Good Luck


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                No driving quite yet Joe. Still have some things to do on the truck to get it driveable but close.
                Just a note...I believe in the break it in like you will drive it. 40 years of MX racing has gotten me to that point...but I am not crazy either...I do a few warm ups and sustained 2-2.5k rpms/10 minutes to break in the new cam {as per most cam manufacturers reccomendations, in this case it is Iskys cam and reccomendation} but once that is done....burn rubber... It has always worked on my race bikes, my roadrace bikes, and my drag bugs...just how I do it now on everything.


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                  nice work, man...
                  1947 M5 under restoration
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                    Woo Hoo! Good news indeed! A much better fate than laying in the weeds here!
                    No deceptive flags to prove I'm patriotic - no biblical BS to impress - just ME and Studebakers - as it should be.


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                      I really owe you one. I should have listened to you and just swappen out the flywheel bolts and ran that puppy. But either way, it is alive and well again, and huge thanks to you Bob.
                      When is your Lark gonna be done and cruising through our part of the world? I am feeling a BBQ.