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Calling George Klutkowski!

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  • Calling George Klutkowski!

    George - I believe you came to my house in Sasser, GA several years ago with a gentleman who purchased my '63 Daytona Convertible (289 Power Pack w/ 3 Spd OD). Due to a computer crash and my general lack of organization, I have lost his (and your) contact info - I think he lives near Tallahassee. I would have contacted you directly but could not locate your username in the Members Listing.

    I just wanted to see what's up with my former car. If you can put me in contact with him (or vice versa) I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

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    Hi Jim. George isn't able to post, but he does read the forum sometimes. Curtis French is the one that bought your car. It looks like this right now:

    Email me at and I'd be more than happy to pass on Curtis' contact info.


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      Thanks Matthew. I'll email you right away. Looks like Curtis is doing a very thorough job - that's great! She's a beauty and deserves the kind of attention I simply could not give her.