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Return from York: "hard luck" tale ends well with the kindness of strangers and NAPA

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    Great story Gary, although sorry to hear you broke down.
    Reminds me of the time I was taking 2 of my grandkids to a meet in North Ga. A couple of hours into the trip the center spline in the aftermarket clutch disk of the Dodge I was driving decided to come loose. We coasted into a bodyshop parking lot but there was no help for my truck. I made some phone calls and soon my daughter was on her way bringing me her Suburban to finish the trip in while her husband was bringing my trailer to retrieve the wounded Dodge.
    We sat helplessly for 3 or 4 hours waiting on them. Then the bodyshop closed and the employees left. Soon one of the young men who worked there came back with a PIZZA!! He said "I thought Ya'll might be getting Hungry." would not take any money. Not even the cost of the pizza.
    Neil Thornton


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      Glad to hear things worked out. You're much braver than me.

      On the way to the zone meet in Gettysburg last year my van "threw a shoe" (rear brake pad) in Brooklyn, NY. Made it as far as Philadelphia for the night, found a Midas the next morning and $750 later installed new rotors and pads (rear only, they wanted another $350 to do the pads on the front). What ever happened to the $79 brake special they have in the ads?
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