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  • 588 Made!

    I love numbers. There were only 588 Packard Hawks made. This is my 588th post. My car is #42. Back on IDYSD I had my Hawk out all day and well into the night. When I finally pulled in the garage, the odometer was sitting at 40004.2! There is the number thing again.

    Coincidences are cool. They are everywhere. Our car's story is no exception.

    "Dad's Baby"
    Our car was meant to be in our hands and her story starts years before we even knew that she existed! The time line jumps around a little, but the story is fun for us.
    Back in 1982 my roommate showed me a magazine called "Car Collector and Car Classics." On the front cover was a picture of a beautiful 1953 Packard Caribbean Convertible. "That's what my car is going to look like when it is done!" he said proudly. He was quite the optimist because you could literally put your head through all the body parts and floor boards of his car. He eventually got it all done and it is beautiful!
    Fast forward to the year 2000. My Father called me one day and said that he was looking for a classic car to use as a daily driver while living in Florida 6 months a year. Since Packards were always his favorite cars, that is what he was looking for. I pictured Dad tooling around in a 1930's open car... The next thing I knew, Dad called me again and said he found a 1958 Packard Hawk in Las Vegas. "What's that?" I asked! The research started and the interest grew fast! When Dad made the initial call to find out about the car, the man he spoke with was selling the car for his best friend's widow. Dad asked for pictures of the car and said he would call back once they arrived. When he got the pictures, the second call was placed. The call went something like this:

    Dad: Bill, this is Larry Dietz calling about the Packard.

    Bill: (Laughter)

    Dad: What is so funny?

    Bill: Were you a Children's Dentist in Ohio?

    Dad: Yes!

    Bill: You worked on my kids!

    Mom & Dad made arrangements to go look at the car. Something came up so their plans were changed. Dad called Bill and bought the car pretty much sight unseen! By then it was early 2001. When the car arrived, she needed painted and all the chrome put back on and cleaned. Later that year my parents came to visit us. While here, Mom wanted to go antiquing so we hit Broadway. Next door to one shop was a place that specialized in car books and magazines. Dad went in... When we got back to our house, Dad pulled out a magazine. It was a "Car Collector and Car Classics." The same one my roommate showed me back in 1982! There, on page 19, was a story about the Packard Hawk! It truly is a small world!

    Each time Peggy & I visited my parents in Florida, we would show up with wax and towels in hand! In 2007, Dad's health gave us all a scare and he decided it would be best if he didn't drive his "Baby" anymore. He asked us if we could take care of her for him. Without hesitation we said, "YES! We would be honored!" Since August 3rd, 2007 we have been keeping her clean and showing her off. Dad has been thrilled with the pictures and hearing our stories.

    #42 off the line,
    #1 in our hearts!

    Now on to my next 588 posts!
    Packard Hawk

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    Knew I could'nt sleep for a reason!
    Got out of bed in time to read this wonderful story.
    Have been thinking of Packard hawk since the black one in need of restoration showed up last week either here on the Forum or on eBay??
    Keep "Dad's Baby" shined up and give her plenty of exercise.
    Good Roads
    Brian Woods
    1946 M Series (Shop Truck)


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      We've got number 586 in our club. It's beautiful and looks like yours. (same color) It belongs to Leon Cohen.
      Jon Stalnaker
      Karel Staple Chapter SDC


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        Don't just ask the man who owns one. Ask his son and his grandchildren, too.


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          Thanks guys!
          I am very fortunate to still have my father and his car! When I can't enjoy #42 anymore, I will pass it on to my sister's oldest son. He has a long wait!!!
          Packard Hawk


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            Carey,I thought it was going to me!
            36 Dictator cpe
            36 ST.regis custom 2dr sedan R-2
            37 Coupe express R-2
            50 Champion convert
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            63 GT hawk R-2 Motor Trend Hawk/Chicago Show Car
            63 Avanti R-2
            63 Avant1 R-2
            64 Commander R-1
            64 Challenger R-3
            58 Packard hawk
            64 Champ
            2-63 Wagonaire's
            62 E40 Transtar
            55 3/4 T pickup
            64 Daytona
            Brand X :
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              Steve! You crack me up! Do you remember when we met? We were parked next to each other at the orphan show in Golden. You said, "I hate you." I was like "What did I do?" You told me that after looking at my car you were going to have to get moving on your Packard Hawk! Priceless!!! I know your car will blow mine away when you are done! Can't wait!
              Packard Hawk