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FS: 1940 Business Coupe on Ebay - Save it from the rodders!

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  • FS: 1940 Business Coupe on Ebay - Save it from the rodders!

    I've seen this car in person half a dozen times. They've had it a long time. The photos make it look pretty good but it's a full restoration waiting to happen. It needs just about everything. They got it roadable....just.

    It would be sweet once restored but I wouldn't be surprised to see it turned into a hot rod.
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    (What is it with me and discontinued/orphan cars?)

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    I've looked at the pictures of that car before.
    What is that below the front passenger fender?
    Gary Sanders
    Nixa, MO


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      Yeah, this one has been around and around many times. It would truly be a labor of love. You'd buy a $3,000.00 car for over seven grand, spend another twenty or so thousand restoring it and end up with a fifteen to twenty thousand dollar car.

      Unless the economy turns big time...the audience willing to buy these things for what we think they are worth is declining rapidly.
      John Clary
      Greer, SC

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        Problem is the car looks pretty good in the photo but in reality it is a major mess.Very serious cancer in every joint. They want far more than a nice one would bring.


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          Yes ithas been on the eBay block for quite some time.
          It would make a nice Street Rod, as that would be the only way to get some return on your restoration investment.
          Good Roads
          Brian Woods

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            While I would love to see it restored since it is a beautiful car {potentially} I dont get the "save it from the rodders" bologna.
            How bout just save it....restored or hot rodded it would be another Stude on the road either way. Hot rod Studes are a big part of the future of Studes.
            Bad attitude in my opinion. But that is just me.
            Hot rodding my '49 C-cab has got me into Studes. Getting me into Studes, now has me wanting to build a Slightly modded Lark or Wagonaire, and a beautiful OE Hawk GT...someday. Beacause of my one Hot rod I have plans for more OE Studes....what was wrong with my Hot Rod? Still Stude powered, Still stock bodied and driveline, just modded for some style.
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              I agree!
              My Mseries got me into Studes. And now I have just purchased the 4th one for my fleet.
              Good Roads
              Brian Woods
              1946 M Series (Shop Truck)