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    Originally posted by mmagic View Post
    In the future I will screw temporary angles to the face to keep the face flat so I reduce the amount of bondo required to fill the gap.
    When I did mine, I used two one foot sections of angle iron and two of the Vise Grip body clamps to sandwich and align the new and old sheet metal and did a lot of tack welding before removing the clamps. That really minimized the putty. Magnets still adhere to the patched area. And only stitch weld one inch at a time, moving around over the seam; minimizes warpage.

    Vise Grip makes many tools to help neat body work.
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      Thanks Rokne10... Actually, it was amazing how good mine turned out considering that I had never done much body or any welding before. I like your suggestion. You confirmed the need to devise a way to hold the surface flat... something I did a lousy job of. That is one of the reasons I started with the Champ as practice before I started the Speedster.


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        Thanks for the input. I think I'll order one side,driver's side, and see what it looks like. My delima is, rest of the fenders are solid with only surface rust and a few dings, very few. Bob P. has made a great offer on a pair and have been offered a bargain on an NOS pair by the PO for the same money, I'd have to go to York to get them and that would bout 300.00 to the total. Like many, I have to work within a tight budget and has nothing to do with being cheap. I'm just plain poo or I'd be doing Dusenbergs. As mentioned in another thread, Studebakers' are still somewhat affordable for those that have more desire than money.(that'd be me). I've studied Raylind's pictoral on the repair and gonna give it a try.
        Thanks for the encouragement,