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Wish I'd have seen this sooner

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  • Wish I'd have seen this sooner

    Last night a good looking Lark Convertible went no reserve at McCormick's Palm Springs auction. Don't know what it went for but based on the number I bet it was late and very reasonable.

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    Is this the car?


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      The editor of Auto Restorer magazine is very high on McCormick's auctions.
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        Originally posted by 61Lark View Post
        Did any of you notice that right rear fender? When I enlarged it the wheel looks buried in there, like a way wrong offset wheel or an old narrow '51 Rear Axle or something, but it definately looks wrong, not to mention the too bright color, not Jonquil Yellow also looks wrong.
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          I read the post by StudeRich before I looked at the car, but I couldn't take my eyes from the right rear wheel. Something is not correct there. When I put skirts on our 1960 I had to remove the skirt mounting rods because they rubbed the wheels going around corners. Bias tires would have probably been okay, but not radials.
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            My friend took a Comet Wagon, a Nova and a Cushman to McCormick Auction. I worked on all 3 and wished I could have attended. He takes cars to perhaps 1 dozen auctions each year and he never misses McCormick's. They are a class act of auctions. If I had seen this sooner I might have been a bidder. I bet it went low based on the time the number would have drawn.