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The '50 StudeBus has a new owner

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    That looks like it is in pretty good shape. I would love to see one at shows.


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      Congratulations on the bus, maybe we should all start a 50/ 50 draw- ticket sale, procedes to the restoration project. Just a thought, keep us posted, and will look forward to seeing it at a show some time. Evan S.
      Evan Severson


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        Well, Dave I read all the quotes and bi-lines in this thread and you sure have a lot of solid support from the fans....including me! This coach looks 'Superior' if I do say so myself. Appears to be very decent on the inside and any rust issues can probably be handled by the guy who can't find his sander - - Mike the bodyman. Everyone takes a first step; maybe this your first step toward that elusive 'would love to have one' Scenicruiser. Whatever, Nelly's in good hands or soon will be when she 'comes home.'
        "There is no limit to what a man can do or where he can go IF he doesn't mind who gets the credit" Ronald Reagan
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