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Another Avanti yard Packard barn finds with it!...

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  • Another Avanti yard Packard barn finds with it!...

    Last week a friend told me of an Avanti he saw just sitting in a yard along the route he takes to work. I decided to see if it was true or another case of mistaken identity.'s true...maybe ten miles or so from my home.

    This morning I stopped by the's a '63 R1 automatic w/ac, just sitting there. It's rough...probably too far gone to economically restore, but is restorable. The bumpers are bad, there is a large tear on one body panel, non-original bucket seats, incorrect master cylinder and alternator, but essentially is complete. I couldn't get a good look underneath but the hog troughs feel solid by rapping them with my knuckle, and the tubular cross member in the rear seems solid though rusty on the outside. I couldn't read the VIN...I could just make out the last two digits as "12" and the body number is 63-RQ2250.

    The owner is an 87-year old gentleman...a real pleasure and privilege to talk to. I must have been there over an hour listening to his life history and war stories from WWII and he loved telling them. The Avanti actually is owned by his niece who wants to sell it but he doesn't really know what she wants for it. I didn't talk dollars specifically as I've enough cars and don't need another project.

    The old guy has two barns full of Lincolns, Cadillacs and...Packards! He wants to dispose of them all. He has a 1950, 1951 and '54 Packard Clipper. He also has a '56 Caribbean convertible but that car is stored about thirty miles away. One of his Lincolns is a '62 very similar to the one my Dad owned back then.

    The Packards are in much better overall condition than the Avanti and quite restorable or useable as drivers from what I could tell but I know little about Packards.

    The cars are located between Jefferson and Brunswick, MD. The '56 Caribbean is stored in Martinsburg, WV. Anyone interested in any of these cars is more than welcome to PM me for the owner's contact information. He offered to pay me a finder's fee for anything that gets sold but I declined...I'd simply like to see these cars find new homes where they can be appreciated since he's unable to do so anymore. Not that he doesn't drive...he drives a late model Mercedes and still gets stopped for speeding.

    Since the York swap meet is soon, maybe someone might want to come see the cars for themselves and I live maybe sixty miles from York and the cars are about a ten minute drive from my home.

    It's just amazing what's still out there waiting to be found and put back into use.

    I'll make a second post with more pics as five is the limit per post.
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    The Avanti looks a little rough, but it would be perfect for my "secret" project.
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      I talked to this Gentalman in 2006 when I lived in Brunswick, MD. Talked with him for about 2 hours. I first notice Packard caribbeans on him property while commuting between Brunswick to Frederick on Hwy 340. JDP knows about them, IIRC the Neice wanted too much for the Avanti then. She might have come down sense then.


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        As I said, I didn't get into dollars for his cars. I'm not interested in buying any of them though I do have deep appreciation for them...the '56 Caribbean convertible would look nice in my garage, though! I felt talking dollars without being serious could screw any potential deal a serious buyer might try. I wouldn't want to get in the middle of a negotiation.
        Poet...Mystic...Soldier of Fortune. As always...self-absorbed, adversarial, cocky and in general a malcontent.