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How to search eBay effectively for Stude cars & parts

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  • How to search eBay effectively for Stude cars & parts

    Yes, I know, there is a big thread negative eBay thread, but I didn't want this positive eBay information buried in the back of a negative eBay thread.

    My guess is most people are not using the category filters to get great searches.

    You MUST use the left margin Categories filter. (This is actually true for any eBay search these days - due to the junk, of course.)

    This is how to use them:
    1. Search for "Studebaker"
    2. Select Category
      • Parts & Accessories, or
      • Cars & Trucks (If you select this, you are now done! Have fun!

    3. Select Vintage Car & Truck Parts (this is the magic step)
    4. Select one of the many yummy parts categories:
    If you don't use the Category filters AND select the Vintage Parts, you will end up buried in repetitive junk!

    Also, be sure you do not have Sort By set to "Best Match" since that will pump junk to the top of your search results. Choose any of the other sort options including on of the most useful: "Distance, Nearest First."

    Have fun,
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    ebay srch

    Here's the left column on my page....

    How do you get rid of the ones you don't want? There's no option to remove any of them...
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      Great, you found the Category filter.

      What you have to do now is select the next sub-category you are interested int - this is most likely the Vintage Car & Truck Parts.

      When you click on it, you will then see the sub-categories (those are the ones I listed in my opening post.)

      In the early days, you would do a search for "Studebaker wheel covers" and you would get your results. However, you would get all the modern crap people are trying to dump on eBay.

      So the strategy is to filter your search. With the Vintage cat and appropriate sub-cats, that filters most of the modern junk.

      There is another powerful search tool to EXCLUDE items from your search string.

      Supposed you do a search and there is a bazillion identical ads for "Amazing ..."

      You can exclude those ads by using the "-amazing" minus sign exclusion search term.

      And don't forget your asterisk wild card and the parenthesis OR method.
      Example looking for hub cap(s) or wheel cover(s):

      Search would be "(hub, wheel) (cap*, cover*) which would bring back
      [hub OR wheel] AND [cap(s) OR cover(s)]

      Example for anything Chevy:

      Search of "Chev*" would bring back Chev, Chevy, Chevrolet, Chevrolets, etc.


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        I usually do the advanced search option on the right. List Studebaker and right below list all the things I want excluded, such as chevrolet, ford, dodge, chrysler, car cover, paint, paint chips, etc.... This seems to work fine until someone else list more junk under another title. But, then I just add that to the list as well.


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          then make that a saved search to put on your My eBay page (you can have lots of them, I have 7 and only two are Stude related)
          makes my morning search much more pleasant.
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            I still find good vintage parts on ebay, using the above described filters. Ebay seems to be promoting and enabling the plastic schlock peddlers, but so far there's still some good stuff on there.


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              Yep, its all about the filters and the advanced search terms.

              Myself, I know the keystroke version of them so I don't go to the advanced search.

              But there are a lot of other search constraints you can make there.

              And of course, once you have crafted this elaborate search, you can save it.

              I have lots of saved searches. Everything from CPU's to Honeywell HEPA airfilters to Mamiya 35mm cameras.

              What is sad is that the majority of people browse categories.

              On Craigslist, recent ads do at least 10x better than stale ones because people are browsing and not searching. And CL is simple compared to what can be done with eBay.

              I like eBay for buying stuff. I hate it for selling stuff because of the mandate to take PayPal or Credit Cards. Most of the small merchants in my town do not take credit because they don't like getting cheated.