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    I was reading this site and see where there is a write up on AMC engines. Would it be too much trouble for a Stude expert to post one on there about the Studebaker V8? I think knowledge of these engines are being lost through the "mist of time"
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    There is a good radical Studebaker Head mod on The Hamb right now..some serious milling,cool to watch the progress.
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      I subscribe to that site, and have used it as a resource for my Lark Chevy V8 conversion. It's a good site with a lot of knowledgeable folks, but it is HEAVILY biased to small block Chevy's and many of the members are interesetd in drag racing and wringing every last bit of HP out of an engine. I don't think Stude engines would be well accepted. All you have to do is post about using stock Chevy heads and you get scolded for not going aftermarket, bigger valves, aluminum heads, etc etc.


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        The head work (on the H.A.M.B.) is also on the Studebaker Racing site.