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Studebaker collectibles #13 (Los Angeles Plant Badge - WWII)

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  • Studebaker collectibles #13 (Los Angeles Plant Badge - WWII)

    This is a pretty rare badge (the only one I have ever seen). Several things make it interesting. The fact that it shows a woman employee (Rosy the riveter?) who has her Studebaker shop coat with patch, the fact that it does not include her name but a number and it has a right index finger print on the reverse side. It is either a very heavy plastic of maybe lightweight metal enclosed entirely in a transparent covering. Anyone ever seen anything similar? The South Bend and aviation badges from Ft Wayne and Chicago were entirely different.
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    I think it is quite odd that they were using a Social Scurity Number or a Employee Number JUST like one, to I.D. her!
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      An early version of plant provided security photo ID badging, nice! That's your entry into the plant when you go past the guard shack every morning on your way to work. You'd have it either on your personal self, or on your dashboard for security to get a quick look at it as you go past the gate arm. No badge, no entry. I have not seen anything like that from Studebaker itself, but I've seen it in regular use at school, industrial, and government facilities elsewhere.
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        Like WoW ! just about covers it!
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