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    We need to add the neccessary menus to the pages to be able to sort the forum entries and questions by subject. Rather than just orginizing them by date, orginize them by relevance: Avanti, Hawk, 6 cyl, Lark, Champ, Electrical, V8, etc. These kinds of search engine applications are available as an add on to most web authoring software. The suite you are using to author the SDC site probably already has this ability. You may also be able to add a google search facility to the site very easily. Most sites that are special interest like the SDC site have these kinds of features. I shouldn't cost any more to host this feature, and would make our site much more user frienly and powerful as a usful tool for those who are trying to learn about our hobby.

    If I wanted to see all the 6 cyl subjects, it could take hours to search by the tools that are now availabel in the SDC site.

    SIAR/ Special Interest Autos and Restorations
    59 Canadian Lark 2 door 63 full flow 6 cyl 3 OD
    59 Silver Hawk 289 4 bbl 3 OD
    62 Lark Wagon 335 hp 4 bolt small block GM/built THM 350/Versilles RE w/discs
    62 Lark Cruiser 259 auto, TT
    62 Daytona 289 4 bbl PS Auto, TT
    55 President 289 4B PS PB
    54 Commander
    56 Flight Hawk
    53 Champion
    53 Champ R6 Bonneville Race Car "MAYA" Raymond's Revenge Racing Team (3RT Racing)