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Nice Avanti "back when" delivery photo

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    Common stuff in the street rod crowd.
    Refreshing to see it used up front for the Avanti crowd....

    Originally posted by Warren Webb View Post
    At the L.A. Roadster show a vendor had a lic. bracket that hinged with a vacuum solinoid. Apply vacuum & the plate swung up or turn the engine off & the plate swings down for "The Man" to inspect. I figured it killed 2 birds with one stone. While parked the meter maids can't write you up & on the road the plate doesnt prevent the desparate air needed to cool an Avanti.
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      Originally posted by plwindish View Post
      Combining the bases makes too much sense for the current regime. I wonder how many areas in the US like Sea-Tac had multiple bases. After Ft Lewis, I went to Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio TX, and I know there was an AF base in that town also, but I don't remember the name.
      Lackland AFB? flew down in '09 with the now ex-mrs.corvanti, to see her youngest graduate. i think all they do there now is training...
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        Texas only gives you one plate (for the rear) on a vintage car
        1947 M5 under restoration
        a bunch of non-Stude stuff


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          Originally posted by DEEPNHOCK View Post
          Common stuff in the street rod crowd.
          Refreshing to see it used up front for the Avanti crowd....
          Even the motorcycle crowd has some fun with these

          I have plans to hinge my front plate on the Lark, for looks and from getting bent while driving in the weeds.
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            Let's face it---no matter how You attach them, front license plates look crummy on Avantis. (but the laws the law)