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P1 and P2 - Love them both...(pic)

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  • P1 and P2 - Love them both...(pic)

    Asked a question the other day about a 7E and a P1 box - ended up with a little back and forth about which looks the best.

    They both have their pros and cons, but I like both. Here is a photo of a members 8E7 (auto as well) and my 7E7.

    I think Jim's truck does a little more "truck" work than mine does. Although the guy at the gate of the local dump was surprised four years ago when I showed up with a bed full of old carpet from our new home...

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    Yeah, wide or narrow, they were and still are better looking than the competition! Thanks for posting the pics.
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      Both are appropriate looking. I have seen the Dodge bed narrowed 6 inches. Wow it looks benefitting. ........................i can see the fendered bed widened and dual wheels added if only for looks. I ain't Lion. However why change something just for the sake of changing. Both these trucks are fine looking. jimmijim
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        Does the bed on the second truck look too low to anyone else? I was talking to my brother about the picture and he thought that the T cabs had spacers to raise the narrow style bed and that this bed probably came off of a C cab. We compared other pictures we have, but none were taken at the same angle. The two T cab pickups we have are the wide beds. Anyone know?
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          Here is a side shot of my Uncle's '60 5E7 from 2001 as well as his 1950 2R5 from the same outing.

          Looks like the R-series cab does ride lower than the Champs.


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            I just did a yahoo image search and there were a few Champ pics at similar angles and the look the same. The beds hang slightly lower than the cab and the top bed line runs right below the window line.

            I really like Champ trucks, but I dont think either bed is right. I dont hate either bed, I would just love to do one with a proper custom bed that actually fits using some door skins and some front fenders.


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              My cousin bought a 8E7 back in the mid-90s off the West Coast. The person who restored it cut about three inches out of the wide bed to fit the cab better.

              Must have been a lot of work - floor would be easy but the tailgate and end panel had to have it removed from both ends...

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                I like that orange color on the Champ, very different. Remind your cousin to paint the letters on the tailgate.
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                  That chrome bumper on the orange truck looks perfect against the orange. I wonder what it's original application was?
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                  Searcy, Arkansas
                  1952 Commander 2 door. Really fine 259.
                  1952 2R pickup


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                    This was always one of my personal favorite's.

                    Click image for larger version

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                      Yep, I like it Mark! THAT is how they SHOULD look, a Champ Wide Bed, and a "C" Cab Transtar with a Narrow Bed!
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