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Granatellis R3 Avanti at the drag races (Oct 7, 1962)

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  • Granatellis R3 Avanti at the drag races (Oct 7, 1962)

    Interesting they chose the automatic. I wonder what class they ran in? I know for many years the NHRA had different classes for the automatics and the stick shift cars in the Super Stock classes. No mention as to whether this was a NHRA track.
    Richard Quinn
    Editor emeritus: Antique Studebaker Review

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    San Fernando Raceway was UDRA sanctioned. Rules are quite a bit different than NHRA.


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      It would be interesting to know if the R3 he was running in early October 1962 was only 299 cubic inches.

      Might have been: That's awfully early for a fully-assembled and track-ready 304.5 to have appeared anywhere. BP
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        I wonder if that was the 'Hot Rod' magazine test car? If it was, I believe the article stated that it was a 299 CI.


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          I just had contact with Vince(Andys son) and asked him. It was his uncle(Andys brother) who drove the car. The car was Turquois and was sold later to Doug Crawl. I believe it may be 63R1687.

          Denny L