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    The mister: "Not nearly as much chrome as that Buick we looked at."

    The missus: "Whatever you want, dear. It's nice an' shiny - I'll say that."
    No deceptive flags to prove I'm patriotic - no biblical BS to impress - just ME and Studebakers - as it should be.


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      Looking at the '50 Starlight on the showroom floor, I was reminded of the time when my dad took me down to the local Studebaker dealer to see the new cars. He was always preferred to buy the independent makes. I was 10 years old in 1950 and when I saw the new Studes, they blew me away. They were the most beautiful cars I ever saw. I still feel that way today.
      We did end up with a '51 Commander State convertible. I really loved that car. We had it for a long time. I got to drive it to college in my senior year in 1958-'59. I was a commuting student at St. John's University in NY.
      '59 Lark VI Regal Hardtop
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        Chuck Collins also had the plastic inserts on the fender ornaments reproduced. I have 3 1950 Commander starlights. One has the hubcaps that say "studebaker commander", one has the hubcaps that say "Studebaker Studebaker" and the third has the style that does not have any lettering on them! I looked in the parts book and apparently all three styles were used of these 11 inch caps

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          I've got one NOS "Studebaker Commander" hubcap is anyone needs one.

          A '50 Commander or Land Cruiser is one Stude that I hope to own someday.


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            Mr. -- "Gee, they're putting hood ornaments on the decklids now?"

            Mrs. -- "My goodness, It's so pretty. I wonder what the front of the car looks like!"

            Salesman -- "Uhhhhhh..."

            1950 Commander Starlight Coupe
            Regal Deluxe Trim
            Automatic transmission
            46k original miles, 4th Owner


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              "it will never sell".........and what's this bunk about cigarettes being bad for you......!"


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                He's just laughing because his wife just told him he could buy it alright but he'd have to put a bra on it before the neighbors saw it.
                Jon Stalnaker
                Karel Staple Chapter SDC