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  • Gages for 57 Golden Hawk

    Need original tach and heat gage for my Hawk. Does anyone sell these restored or reproduced?

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    I don't know about restored or reproduced versions, but my '58 Golden Hawk needed a temperature guage, so I looked for one at each of the last two May South Bend swap meets. I don't have exact figures, but my impression was that oil pressure and ammeter guages for 1956 through 1961 Hawks were much more plentiful than the temp. guage. Maybe the temp. guage had a higher failure rate or maybe it was coincidence. I'm sure there's someone out there who can shed more light on this.

    I finally found a temp. guage for my GH.

    Good Luck,

    george krem


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      The Oil Press. Gauges and Ammeters always last way longer than Temp./Fuel gauges due to the later being actual variable resister type. The power surges due to there being no Voltage Limiter in the circuit, eventually kills them.
      The Oil Gauge is just Mechanical and the Ammeter is a direct reading Meter.
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        With part numbers in hand, I would bet, you will find those gauges available NOS at the Studebaker York Swap Meet, Michiana Swap Meet, Swap at the South Bend International or Reedsville.
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