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Update on our 1965 Commander

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  • Update on our 1965 Commander

    This past week we installed the motor and the transmission in the vehicle. We also finished installing the front suspension and the drums and wheels. We will finish installing the items on the motor like the water pump, starter and the alternator. Then we will install the new brake lines, and turn our attention to rebuilding the rear end. Once that is done we will have a rolling chassis.

    Work is also being done on the body to prep it and paint the underneath, firewall, inside,the inner quarters, and trunk area. Then it can be mounted back on the frame. We will keep you posted.

    Mr. Steinkamp had a question regarding the history of the vehicle. The car is actually mine/ the shops that i have owned since June of 2004. I bought the car in Fredericksburg, VA, wit the intention of just having a daily driver. Well we all know how that turns out. You start fixing one thing and that leads to another and so on and so on. But the good news is that it is starting to go back together to look like a car again. An article was also published in the April 2005 issue of turning wheels, where i wrote in and Mr. Palma graciously answered all my questions regarding this vehicle. I remember sending in some temp-lets we used to stiffen the frame around the spring pockets since these were cracked. That is also another reason we pulled the front end apart was to weld inside the spring pockets as there were cracks in there as well. Once we are done we will have a vehicle that has been totally gone through and will be do and done right. It will provide years of driving enjoyment!
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    Keep us posted. It looks like a job done right.

    Mountain Home, AR


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      Looking good! Mr. Palma and Dwain G. in the Cooperator, were so helpful when I was doing mine. My good ol' boy had his own ideas, so I went with the Stude authourities and I'm glad I did. Cheers!
      Dave Warren (Perry Mason by day, Perry Como by night)


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        Beautiful work!

        ...and thanks for the update on the history.
        Dick Steinkamp
        Bellingham, WA


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          Lookin' good, Ray; congratulations on the progress. Thanks for the updates. BP
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            LOOKS GOOD. Is thst a new gas tank or just refinished? If new, where did you get it?


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              your welcome


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                Robert W. Fish

                We got it done at Gas Tank Renu. Their number is 1-313-837-6122, Headquarters. it was right around five and a quarter to get it done.



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                  I had the tank on my 55 done by the same people (Canadian version). Coated and baked, white on the inside, grey on the outside. No problems after 2000 miles.
                  Dave Warren (Perry Mason by day, Perry Como by night)


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                    Another SBC in a Studebaker?!? Seriously, you're doing wonderful, high quality work. I hope that you rack up plenty of enjoyable miles in your (re)NEW(ed) Studebaker! Do you have any timeline in mind to complete it, or do you just work on it as time allows between paying jobs?
                    1950 Champion
                    W-3 4 Dr. Sedan
                    Holdrege NE


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                      That looks great, nice work!
                      Several people on this Forum should take note of your Fuel Pump, as they were asking about what the correct one looks like, and the fitting position.

                      With the Body off it is a much better fiew of how it SHOULD be than we have had.

                      When you have the correct NOS Pump with the Diaphragm Bowl Screws it clears the frame.
                      Second Generation Stude Driver,
                      Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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                        We are trying to have it done within the year. Things just sometimes dont work out as planned. We would love to be able to drive and show it as soon as possible.