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Champion Door Gravel Guards

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  • Champion Door Gravel Guards

    The restoration process continues on my 4 door '51 Champion. Is there anyone out there who has a decent pair of door gravel guards for sale? Would prefer the stainless ones over the plastic. But would take what is available. Thanks for checking your shop! Jerald

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    There were no "plastic" ones originally, and I don't think anyone's tried making some with the plastics that we have at hand these days. There were the stainless ones and there were the black rubbger ones - rubber bonded to a steel backing. The rubber ones - at their best - haven't fared well thru the 61 years since your bullet-nose was built. That said, one for 4 doors (stainless ones) should be easier to find than those for 2 door models. Maybe our resident Stainless guy has some in his inventory.
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