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    One hit on a cam gear only to hear the cam and end of the cam hit the ground...... screw driver thru an eyelid..... kissing a rattlesnake on the belly, only to have it bit me on the finger when I released it, 3 days in the hospital latter..... hitting a coyote on a mc at 100+ mph..... and MANY more. You are not alone. It makes for some real hilarity around the camp fire though.


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      So, Clark..... This is the first time you've done something like this? LOL! Alot of folks have asked me what's what with that '63 Cruiser I was doing. I'd rather not share what it was that discouraged me from taking it forward. For stupidity, it would eclipse your vent grille incident.
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        Originally posted by kmac530 View Post
        one hit on a cam gear only to hear the cam and end of the cam hit the ground......
        this happened to you too?
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          Originally posted by rockne10 View Post
          this happened to you too?
          Yep Rockne. I posted a whole thread about it a few weeks back, also chronicalling the amazing help I received on this site from members. Here is a link to that thread:


          I thought "how could a fiber cam gear hurt a steel cam?, I might as well just tap on it to remove the gear, who needs a puller?" Which by the way was 5' away from me and worked perfectly once I used it to remove the gear from the "nub" so I could get the key way.
          All of that stuff happened to me except the screw driver in the eye....that was my dad, it runs in the family I guess. I stand by my regular comments that I am no genius...


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            It wasn't a Stude but I propped a car door open (that had a broken stop) with a bottle of gorilla glue that was handy. You guessed it, when I finished the task at hand I promptly slammed the door shut. Oops!