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  • Very Nice Car

    Not a very big fan of the 66's....but this is really a nice looking car: eBay # 280823949656

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    It does look nice. I am impressed with the interior, especially the original heel pad on the carpet with the lazy S in it. The only real negative thing I see is the V-8 with crossed flags on the "C" pillar. That is not correct for the 66, as are the wire wheels.
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      I think that the clear turn signals are incorrect also. Still a nice car.


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        I had noticed both the crossed flags and the turn signal lenses, both not deal breakers as it's a good looking car. Something else I noticed was in the engine compartment. The heater hoses are looped to block off the heater. I questioned the seller on that and the response came back that it was done because the heater was not functioning. He would not elaborate as to whether it was a leaky heater core or a bad shutoff/mixture valve.

        How hard is it to get at the heater core and valve to repair/replace??
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          If you would can you PM me with your name and location so i can put the car with the new owner on the 66 Daytona roster.
          Nice car !

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            Originally posted by 64V19816
            Well I'll let you guys know whazzup with the heater in a week or so after a big truck rolls up in front of my house! I've been after a 66 Daytona for almost forty years and was NOT going to let this one get away. Finalized the deal yesterday. I like the flags and Love the wires and whitewalls. This car is pure eye candy! More 2 come!
            A little confusion here. The car shows as relisted with 3-plus days to go:

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              Congratulations! Great looking car. You'll never confuse this with another in a parking lot. Great color. I hope the enjoyment of owning it is as exciting for you as buying it.
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                  Nice looking car. Congratulations. Now just enjoy it.
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                    Originally posted by 64V19816
                    No confusion I was high bidder and we done the deal over the phone. They just havnt pulled the auction down yet
                    The eBay listing is still up this afternoon (Thursday, March 1). They are probably waiting for your funds to clear.
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