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Tours of the Studebaker body plant at the International Meet

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  • Tours of the Studebaker body plant at the International Meet

    Would anybody here be interested in going on tours of the Studebaker Body plant, building #84, at the upcoming Intl. meet? This is still in the planning stages, but a friend of mine and I are working on having a few tours put together. The cost would be $5 for the "brief" tour, and $10 for the "extended" tour. Dates and times are still TBA until we can get a rough idea of how many people to expect. Twenty percent of all the proceds will go to charity. Abe, the buildings owner, is being very gracious in letting us in the building. Building #84 was one of Studebaker's major assembly buildings and still stands directly next to the Administration building. It is currently used as an automotive warehouse and people can store their cars there for $48 a month. We ask that if you want to see the interior of this building, please sign up for the tour. Abe does not want any "stragglers".
    Anybody in? Let me know.
    Chris Dresbach

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    I'm in. Just let me know when and where to meet. Sounds like a good time. Thanks. Extended sounds like the way to go.


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      I'm in for two.
      Jamie McLeod
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        Count us in for four.


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          Cool, I'll have you guys marked down. We are still not sure on which day this will take place, but it will probably be during the day, as in noon or 1:00.
          Also for those who don't know, the building I'm talking about is the large structure behind my car in my signature photo.
          Chris Dresbach


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            Count me as one more!
            In the middle of MinneSTUDEa.


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              I'll plan on going. Hoping I don't have a conflict with another event.


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                Originally posted by Dwain G. View Post
                I'll plan on going. Hoping I don't have a conflict with another event.
                The plan is to try and have this when nothing else is going on. I need to look at a meet book to get the dates and exact times of everything.
                Chris Dresbach


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                  I'd like to be in on this. I'm registered for the meet. Please keep me in the loop.


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                    It sorta sounds like this may be one in the same...?


                    Folks are gonna wanna know...
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                      I'd be in if it were on Wednesday sometime. Of course, don't let me dictate everyone else's choices (I don't think that will happen though! LOL).
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                        Good work on this, Chris. (A little poetry, there).

                        Having toured this building extensively for the series of Turning Wheels articles roughly 20 years ago, I'd recommend it. It's an interesting place; very "old factory" looking. I can't imagine it having changed much in the interim, so 'would expect it to be worth everyone's time who would like to see probably the last facility in which Studebaker components were manufactured.

                        Well played, Chris; thanks again for your efforts. BP
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                          Chris, count me in for one extended. I guess this means I should get busy and make my other reservations too!

                          Edit--see my comments about the other post above from "DeepinHock" about the booklet "Studebaker Factory Tours"
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                            I too would be interested in this tour.


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                              This is the same as the one posted on the 2012 Int. site but after talking to Chris last night we figured this one would get better exposure. As far as I know this would be the first organized tour of the bldg. allowed and we don't want to blow it so please don't bother the owner with individual tours. He is doing this as a favor to Stude fans and to raise a little money for the construction of an regional athletic facility for handicapped kids called Miracle Park. Hopefully we'll impress him enough that we will be able to do this again in the future. We'll go back and talk to the owner again after we get more imput and we definitely don't want to disrupt the Int. Meet.